Ignorant Racist Rand Paul: All Of Native Americans’ Problems Because Of ‘Lack Of Assimilation’

Jumping on the bandwagon of racism that seems to be working so well for Donald Trump, Sen. Rand Paul has decided that he knows just where all the problems for Native Americans come from: they won’t assimilate.

According to The Huffington PostPaul had an interview with right-wing radio personality Laura Ingraham, during which they decided to give their opinions on “separatist” minorities. After Ingraham was done criticizing the “MSNBC crowd” for respecting all cultures and having no problem with Jeb Bush’s speaking Spanish, Rand Paul decided that it was time to talk about those pesky Native Americans on their reservations. Paul opined:

“I think assimilation is an amazing thing. A good example of how, even in our country, assimilation didn’t happen — and it has been a disaster for the people — has been the Native American population on the reservations. If they were assimilated, within a decade they’d probably be doing as well as the rest of us. But instead, seclusion and isolating them — we took their land, and then we put them all on small quadrants of land.”

Luckily, the remarks made it to the Democratic National Committee, and they released statements lambasting Paul’s insensitive and irresponsible remarks, as well as his ignorance of what white people have done to Native American tribes, and continue to do. The DNC statement on the remarks said, among other things, that Paul showed shocking lack of historical and cultural awareness when it comes to Native American tribes.

DNC Director of Native engagement Paawee Rivera said:

“Sen. Paul’s statements harken back to a disastrous era of federal policies that aimed to terminate tribal governments and eradicate Native American cultures.”

The fact that a presidential candidate said this at all is downright frightening, but, considering the racist nature of the current crop of GOP candidates and the obvious and open racism of the base whose votes they are competing for, this is absolutely no surprise. Rand Paul, just like the rest of his party, doesn’t know anything about history, and nor does he care to. All these people care about are straight, white, Christian men. To hell with everyone else, they say.

This statement about Native Americans is especially offensive, because they are the only ones who AREN’T immigrants! This is THEIR homeland. The European settlers came here and killed them, stole their land, set up a civilization they wanted, and committed genocide against them.

Listen up, Sen. Paul– “Assimilation” is nothing more than coded language for, “abandon your culture and be like white people want you to be. We’re in charge now. If you do what we say, you’ll do better.”

Your ancestors committed genocide against Native Americans on their own land. Who the hell do you think you are, telling them to be like you want them to be?

Then again, I know who you think you are. You’re a privileged white man who doesn’t give a damn about anyone or anything but other white people. How Republican of you.

Featured image via video screen capture