Mike Huckabee Vows To Disobey The Constitution If President: ‘Put Me In Jail’ (VIDEO)

When it comes to Kim Davis, the defiant Rowan County Clerk in Kentucky, there seems to be no greater defender of her refusal to obey the law than former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R).

Davis feels it is her right to deny same-sex couples marriage licences within her jurisdiction even though she’s under a court order to grant them to all who seek to be married, regardless of sexual orientation. The Supreme Court cemented this fact in June when they ruled in favor of marriage equality, making it law of the land citing the Equal Protection Clause in the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Davis, however, feels her powers come from God and doesn’t seem to give a damn what the Constitution says or what the Supreme Court has mandated. She feels “religious freedom” should be the right to discriminate, not really understanding that actual religious freedom is the freedom to worship how she chooses on her own time, not while being a public servant on the tax payers dime.

Enter Mike Huckabee, ultimate defender of the bigots and make-believe martyrs. He fully stands behind Davis and her plight, even planning a rally in Kentucky this week to support her supposed bravery to disobey the law — that law of course being the United States Constitution.

While on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Huckabee doubled-down on his fervent defense of Davis.

Stephanopoulos pressed Huckabee on his stance regarding Davis, even comparing the denial of same-sex marriage licences to Loving v. Virginia, but Huckabee held his bigoted ground:

“I think it’s — again, it’s a very different equation altogether because this is a redefinition. Marriage is not defined in the federal Constitution at all; it’s a matter for the states. And applying the Fourteenth Amendment to the equality of men and women and their relationship in marriage is totally different than redefining marriage.

And I think what we’ve seen here is the overreach of the judiciary. This, if allowed to stand without any congressional approval, without any kind of enabling legislation, is what Jefferson warned us about. That’s judicial tyranny.”

Huckabee doesn’t seem to understand the 14th Amendment very well, and there is absolutely no definition of marriage ANYWHERE in the Constitution, so there is literally NOTHING to “redefine.” The Equal Protection Clause grants equal protection under the law to all citizens. Huckabee has a definition in his own head, one that he shares with many across the nation, but that definition holds no weight on the laws of the nation. His own personal definition, one that he thinks comes from his religious text, he can follow in his own personal life, the Constitution allows that; but he cannot use his religious opinion of marriage and force it on others. That is illegal. What Davis is doing is illegal. That’s why she’s in prison.

Stephanopoulous then plays a clip of former President John F. Kennedy speaking to the Baptist ministers back in 1960 when he said:

“When if the time should ever come and I do not concede any conflict to be remotely possible, when my office would require me to either violate my conscience or violate the national interest, then I would resign the office.”

Which, in all honesty, is what Davis should do.

Stephanopoulos asks Huckabee:

“Would you make that same statement in your candidacy for president?”

Huckabee then says:

“I can’t see any circumstance in which I would be required to violate my conscience and — and the law. And if so, I think maybe there is a point at which you say either I’ll resign or put me in jail.”

Then why isn’t he telling Davis to resign? Because he’d rather her be a make-believe martyr for the cause of “Christian” supremacy, and it would be the exact same thing he would do if given the opportunity. After all, it would make him a hero amongst those who feel they are being oppressed by their inability to oppress others.

Huckabee either just doesn’t understand the First Amendment or he is purposefully distorting it to serve his own bigoted causes — probably both.

Davis is in jail because she disobeyed the law. In all honesty, she should be impeached and relieved of her duties as County Clerk. She’s not doing the job she was elected to do, nor serving the entirety of the citizens in her jurisdiction. She needs to go, and she needs to stop being labeled a hero. She’s a bigot on a power trip — end of story.

Here’s the interview:


Video/Featured image: YouTube