Sarah Palin Says Immigrants Should ‘Speak American,’ Not English (VIDEO)

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, former Republican vice-presidential nominee and governor of Alaska once again showed her jaw-dropping ignorance. In a discussion with host Jake Tapper about Donald Trump slamming Jeb Bush for being bilingual and speaking Spanish, Palin said, “When you’re here, let’s speak American… I took Spanish in high school, I took French in high school. I got em all mixed up.”

There, of course, is no such language as “American.” Americans, since the country’s founding, have mostly spoken English, as the people who colonized America — the English — did. “American” is not a language in any country in the world.

The United States has no official language, because even at the founding, we were already a nation with multiple languages. John Adams proposed making English the official language at the Continental Congress in 1780, and the proposal was rejected as “undemocratic and a threat to individual liberty.” Over the years politicians have at various times revived the proposal of giving English the official nod, but it has never been done.

In reality, the multitude of languages spoken in America is part of the melting pot effect that makes us great. In addition to English, which is the most widespread language here, people speak Spanish, French, Creole, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and hundreds more languages. The influences of all these languages on America contribute to our greatness.

But on the other hand, there are people like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, nativists who only see the people and practices of white Christians as legitimate while everyone else is a dark-skinned “outsider.” Those like Palin and Trump who seek to exclude our fellow Americans while pushing back on the culture of inclusion and variety are trying to hurt the country, to remove the very elements that make the nation great.

No, Sarah Palin, we don’t “speak American” and nobody ever has.

Featured image via CNN