Senate Republican Tom Cotton Commits Treason Against America For The Second Time

Desperate to make a name for himself, GOP Senator Tom Cotton is apparently willing to repeatedly commit treason against the United States to prove how much he hates President Obama and our laws.

During a recent trip to Israel, Cotton sought to kiss the ring of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and actually had the gall to swear a pledge of allegiance to the foreign leader to stand by him and make any and all efforts to oppose and kill the Iran nuclear deal brokered by the Obama Administration with Iran.

“Today’s meeting only reaffirms my opposition to this deal. I will stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel and work with my colleagues in Congress to stop this deal and to ensure that Israel has the means to defend itself against Iran and its terrorist surrogates.”

No need for a double-take. You read that right. Cotton clearly sided with a foreign leader over his own president and stood by Netanyahu while promising to do everything he can to undermine his own government and the current administration.

So is this treason? It certainly sounds like it, especially if you read U.S. Code Chapter 115.

As Ring Of Fire Radio points out, U.S. Code Chapter 115 states:

“Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

In short, Cotton appears to have indeed committed treason against the country he is supposed to serve by vowing to undermine a diplomatic agreement reached by the United States and our allies with Iran that significantly reduces their nuclear materials and prevents Iran from getting a nuclear weapon for many years into the future.

But Republicans such as Cotton are hungry for a war against Iran. That and their hatred of President Obama have driven them to oppose the deal no matter what, even going so far as to invite Netanyahu to give a speech in front of Congress in opposition to the deal.

This isn’t the first time Cotton has committed treason against the United States either. Back in March, he penned an embarrassing letter to Iran warning them that the GOP would not honor the deal if a Republican were to win the presidency and persuaded 46 Senate Republicans to sign it. Making his goals for war very apparent, Cotton then proceeded to meet with defense companies.

The effort to sabotage the deal backfired, however, and there were calls to prosecute Cotton and his 46 accomplices for violating the Logan Act. Passed in 1799 by the founding generation of American lawmakers, the Logan Act expressly forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments with which the United States is in dispute. And seeing as how President Obama never granted Cotton diplomatic status or appointed him as a special envoy of any kind, it’s pretty clear that he violated the law. He also violated the Constitution, which gives the president the power to negotiate treaties on behalf of the United States. It also requires Senate consent, but because this is an executive agreement and not technically a treaty, that means President Obama doesn’t need Senate approval.

It’s time for Tom Cotton to be put in his place. Imagine if a Democrat had tried to undermine Reagan’s negotiations with the Soviet Union. Republicans would be pitching a fit and calling for prosecution because a Democrat tried to undermine a Republican president. Tom Cotton has now twice undermined his own country out of selfish attemps at political gain and petty personal ambitions. He has broken the law twice and pledged his fealty to a foreign leader who has degenerated into nothing more than a dictator who wants American troops to fight wars on Israel’s behalf so his little nation can dominate the region.

Consequences need to be faced. A price needs to be paid. And Tom Cotton needs to be made an example of. Because it is never appropriate for a sitting senator and so-called “patriot” to stand against their own president and government in favor of a foreign leader. This is the United States Government, not the government of Israel. Cotton is supposed to serve American interests, not Israeli interests. And since he clearly refuses to do that, perhaps the time has come for him to trade his suit and tie for an orange jumpsuit at a federal prison. Because that is where traitors belong.

Featured image via Freak Out Nation