Arizona Authorities On The Lookout For Highway Serial Sniper, Possible Nine Shootings In 10 Days

Authorities are not entirely sure yet, but it’s looking like there is a serial shooter along Interstate 10, in Arizona — “the southernmost transcontinental highway in the U.S.,” Raw Story writes.

So far, there have been as many as nine shootings in the greater Phoenix area in the last 10 days, according to Arizona State Police’s top dog.

Director of Arizona’s Department of Public Safety, Colonel Frank Milstead, calls the shooter a “domestic terrorist,” too, without knowing a thing about who it is or what his or her motives may be, which should play out interestingly should the shooter turn out to be a white, angry extremist conservative. If that becomes the case, pay attention to how quickly the phrase “domestic terrorism” disappears from the public dialogue in the aftermath, if you’d like a clearer picture as to the target audience of whatever media source you’re viewing or listening to at the time.

Milstead states the shootings have continued since two previous incidents only Tuesday. The first reported shooting came on Aug. 29, after at least one bullet demolished a sport utility vehicle’s windshield, resulting in a 13-year-old girl suffering small cuts on her right ear. Certainly, it could have been much worse for her, or any of the other vehicles hit by gunfire. Luckily, those small cuts are the only injuries reported so far, but authorities are stressing the “so far.

State troopers were also informed by a Phoenix police sergeant Tuesday that he “believes a bullet shattered the passenger side window of his personal vehicle as he was driving to work.”

But, before the #BlueLivesMatter crowd starts to get up in arms over another “cop killer,” it should be noted that the sergeant, again, was in his personal vehicle, not a squad car, and nor was he in uniform. Likely, the shooter had no idea he is a police officer at all, as the shootings, at the moment, appear random. That sergeant also stated, initially, that he was unclear as to whether road debris or gunfire had hit his vehicle. Further details of that shooting have not been fully shared with the public.

In an attempt to capture the shooter, a reward has been quadrupled, as of Tuesday, from $5,000 to $20,000 for any information that leads both to the capture and conviction of the accused.

Milstead stated at a news conference:

“It’s just a matter of time, if this continues, that we have tragedy on our roadways.”

Trying to remain prudent in the issue, authorities are also stating that not every shooting has been confirmed as a shooting, yet, simply stating that some cars, so far, have only been determined to have been hit by a projectile of some kind. Authorities also state that as of yet, the shootings may or may not be connected… if they are shootings.

The first day of the shootings, Aug. 29, saw three separate shootings, though one woman only realized her car had a bullet hole in it the next morning. That day, a bus with only the driver inside at the time, was hit, missing the driver; there was the sport utility vehicle with the burst windshield and the injured 13-year-old girl, and then the woman who realized her car had been struck the next morning – and they’ve continued, so it’s no wonder Milstead thinks something is afoot. That’s why he said he’d put a gang task force, as well as “special weapons and tactics personal [sic] and undercover detectives for freeway surveillance,” on the task of hunting down the shooter, in conjunction with local and federal authorities.

Milstead also, naturally, urged travelers in that area to be “on guard” and willing to report “suspicious activity.” He stated:

“If you drive that stretch of roadway, always be vigilant. Under these circumstances, be hyper vigilant.”

Yes, be hyper vigilant if you’re driving that stretch of road. Watch out for snipers.

But citizens may also need to watch out for increasingly violent and paranoid police officers on a city-wide investigation/manhunt after a shooter that may or may not be targeting law enforcement, and judging by the reactions cops have been having to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, there may be new life to breathe into the “Wild West” after all.

Stay safe, Arizona.

Featured image via Flickr