There Is Absolutely No Hillary Email Scandal, And The DOJ Just Confirmed That Fact

The last thing Republicans want is for Hillary Clinton to have a chance at getting into the White House in 2016. And they, alongside their media branch, Fox News, have been touting Clinton’s alleged “email scandal” for months now.

However, it is apparent that there is absolutely no scandal whatsoever. Not only did the State Department say there’s nothing illegal about Clinton’s emails, but now the Department of Justice has exonerated her as well.

According to the New York Times:

“The Justice Department said in a court filing this week that Hillary Rodham Clinton had the authority to delete emails that she did not believe were government records from the personal account that she exclusively used while secretary of state.”

The entire scandal came to be when the conservative group Judicial Watch, who wants to throw Clinton under the bus for political reasons, was allowed to bring a lawsuit to the Justice Department. However, the decision was made, and the Justice Department’s civil division attorneys wrote:

“There is no question that former Secretary Clinton had authority to delete personal emails without agency supervision — she appropriately could have done so even if she were working on a government server… Under policies issues both by the National Archives and Records Administration and the State Department, individual officers and employees are permitted and expected to exercise judgement to determine what constitutes a federal record.”

Apparently, Judicial Watch had absolutely no evidence to back up their claims that Clinton had purposefully deleted government records, and the government brief stated:

“Government agencies are not required to take steps to recover deleted material based on unfounded speculation that responsive information had been deleted… There is no legal basis in the (Freedom of Information Act) for requesters to obtain employees’ personal records and, therefore, there is no legal basis for the court to order the State Department to preserve, or to take steps to preserve, the personal records of the former secretary or any other current or former federal employee.”

This is not going to stop Judicial Watch from pretending they actually have evidence of wrongdoing, though, as they intend on showing “new information” this week proving their case. Even though Clinton has already been absolved of any wrongdoing.

It should be considered animal abuse for all this beating of dead horses.

The email scandal has undoubtedly hurt Clinton in the polls, as more and more people were growing weary that there may be potential for more legal action in the future. The entire “scandal” is pure politics as conservatives seek to keep Clinton out of the Oval Office. Just like there was no meat behind any accusations regarding Benghazi, as hard as they’ve tried, there is nothing behind this email “scandal” either.

Featured image: Canada 2020 (flickr)