Must Watch: Bernie Sanders Speaks About Abortion At Liberty University (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders is an unconventional politician. He eschews donations from corporations, first class flights, and doesn’t feel the need to maintain a calculated physical appearance; most evidenced by his unkempt hair. That’s why when I heard that Sanders would be speaking at Liberty University, I wasn’t completely shocked.  If you are familiar with the conservative politics of the school, then you know that his speech there was historic. Founded by Jerry Falwell in 1971, the school has served as the nexus point for radical conservative Christian political theory in the United States. Ted Cruz didn’t decide to launch his presidential campaign there for no reason.

So yeah, kind of a big deal to have a left-wing politician speak there.  And because it had to, the topic of abortion came up during a  Q&A  session with the university’s senoir vice president, David Nasser. Sanders did not receive a standing ovation from the crowd by any means, though he did have a very audible fan section in the crowd. However, when Sanders spoke about making higher education tuition-free, nearly the entire crowd erupted in cheers. After being asked about his stance on abortion, he immediately admitted many would not agree with him on this issue. However, his response was impressive. He pointed out the hypocrisy of Republicans who want to cut healthcare for women and their children, yet claim that they are ones trying to protect children. He also spoke to the hypocrisy of calling for limited government but are fine with having the state and federal government interfere with one of the most personal decisions a woman can make.

“I do understand and I do believe that it is improper for the United States government to tell every women in this country the very painful and difficult choice she has to make on that issue,” Sanders said. “And I honestly, I don’t want to be too provocative here, but very often conservatives say, ‘Get the government out of my life, I don’t want the government telling me what to do.'”

This is a bold move for any Democrat (if only recently so) to make. Sanders went into what many on the left would consider the lion’s den and brought a message of compassion to a crowd that could have very well booed him off the stage.

You can watch the speech below.

Sanders on abortion:


Full speech:

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