Jimmy Kimmel Relentlessly And Hilariously Trolls Donald Trump To His Face (VIDEO)

The only good thing about Donald Trump and his disciples is that they’re really easy to troll. Trump himself can’t help but to endlessly respond to attacks by everyone from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Univision and all points between. So, Jimmy Kimmel dispatched comedian Tony Barbieri to Dallas the other day to infiltrate Trump’s big address to 15,000 supporters. The result was, to borrow Trump’s word, huge.

Among other things, Barbieri trolled Trump supporters outside the arena, beginning with one guy who said, “My relationship with Trump is almost a relationship with Jesus Christ.” Barbieri jumped into the shot and agreed, “Same. Same. What are we gonna do? Vote Obama back into office for another four years? We’ll all be speaking Muslim. Hashtag no thank you.”

Later, Barbieri offered various Trump fans “Trump Stamp” tattoos, at one point applying the “tattoo” to the lower back of a guy with his butt crack exposed.

But the real trolling took place inside the area where somehow Barbieri got a seat directly behind Trump on the stage. From there, he shouted various obnoxiously supportive remarks at Trump throughout the frontrunner’s rambling, stream-of-consciousness speech. When Trump asked if the people in the nose-bleed seats if they could see him, Barbieri pointed and laughed out loud, “Stupid!” A few minutes later, when Trump turned and asked the supporters seated behind him if it’s really his hair and not a wig, Barbieri stood and shouted, “Real hair! Real hair!” Trump continued on and noted that he’s “surging with women,” to which Barbieri responded by yelling, “Yeah! Sex sells! Sex sells!”

Perhaps the funniest moment was when Trump vowed to repeal Obamacare. Barbieri exuberantly shouted back, “No more medicine! No more medicine for us!”

This is exactly the way Trump and his people ought to be treated: with a complete lack of respect. The unseriousness has to be met with even less seriousness and washed down with as much snark as can be mustered. It’s the only way to defeat a troll, and make no mistake — Trump is a troll who deserves to be relentlessly trolled back. And this trolling from Kimmel and Barbieri is damn near perfect.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIMsKvbHN3g&w=560&h=315]

Featured image via YouTube screen capture