This Browser Add-On Replaces Trump’s Name With Something MUCH More Appropriate

Are you tired of hearing Donald Trump’s name in the news? Are you looking to diversify the search terms you use? Would you prefer truth in advertising instead of reading Trump’s name again and again and again?

Well, there’s a browser plugin just for you.

It would appear someone has created a browser add-on that, once installed, turns Donald Trump’s name into “Some Rich Asshole.”


And it works, too!

Search for Donald Trump

Search for Donald Trump

Now, of course some will say, “how crude!” However, with everyone, everywhere being inundated with Trump news 24/7, having this on your browser is much more entertaining, and accurate.

Because when it comes down to it — Who is Donald Trump?

He’s a real estate mogul, who’s filed bankruptcy four times, has zero policy experience – foreign or domestic – and to top it all off is quite obviously a xenophobic bigot.

So who is Donald Trump? Plainly, some rich asshole.

An ass who thinks just because he has name recognition and enough money, he can buy himself into the White House. The worst thing is, he’s leading in the polls, because reality television junkies, better known as Americans, are eating his schtick up.

Trump is a man who is all talk. A man who has absolutely NO plans for anything, none whatsoever, for any issue, besides of course deporting eleven million immigrants and building a wall — a “beautiful wall.” It will be the best wall ever, apparently.

What is Trump good at? Schmoozing and getting his way through name recognition and money. He’s a man who puts his name on everything he touches, because he thinks he’s that spectacular.

So, if you’re like most Americans who really want Trump NOWHERE near the White House, remind yourself of this daily by downloading the “some rich asshole” plugin from You’ll be glad you did.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore (flickr)/