Bitcoin Foundation Exec Offers $250,000 Scholarship to Teen Arrested for Making Clock

As news spread across the internet like wildfire that a 14-year-old student had been arrested for making a clock to impress his engineering teacher, everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to the President of the United States had something to say about it.

Ahmed Mohamed, a 9th grade student in Irving, Texas, with a passion for inventing and robotics was arrested on Monday for making a “hoax bomb” – despite acknowledgement that he told everyone who would listen that it was a clock.

The arrest led many to wonder if there would have been a different outcome if perhaps he had been a different color and with a different name. #IStandWithAhmed became a global trending topic as outrage and sadness regarding the state of affairs flooded social media.

One man, however, put his money where his mouth is and offered to get the teen out of the Texas public school that mistreated him entirely.

That man was Bruce Fenton, the executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation.

After reading about Ahmed Mohamed’s treatment, Fenton took to Facebook to announce to the over 100,000 people who follow him that he would like to donate $50,000 tuition for Mohamed to attend the prestigious Wilbraham & Monson Academy. The school boasts a strong history of inclusion, as it’s chapel was even once used as a stop on the Underground Railroad.


Less than four hours after Fenton’s original offer, he went a step further and offered an additional $200,000 for Mohamed’s education. Writing:

“Looks like we can offer more like $250,000 if Ahmed wants to attend leading prep school Wilbraham Monson instead of Irving TX school. Please let his parents know. ‪#‎IstandwithAhmed‬


We spoke to Fenton to try to learn a little more about the man behind the massively generous offer. He told Addicting Info that he travels frequently and that a personal passion of his is bridging cultural gaps to help increase understanding.

When asked how he felt when he first read about the incident, Fenton said:

“I felt at the same time that this is sadly typical and also that this does not represent the country I know and love.  We can do better as Americans and better as human beings.”

We also asked him what made him decide to make the offer.  Fenton explained:

“I thought that it might be awkward for Ahmed to return to the public school in Irving, then I realized that he doesn’t have to go back at all, I and others can help make a new reality for him.  He doesn’t need to ever set foot in that school again, he can move forward and do better than ever.”

When asked why he chose Wilbraham Monson, Fenton explained that he is an alum of the school and that it has a very open and global focus.  He explained that he loved his time there, and that the academy has steadily improved in the years since.  Fenton explained:

“This is the type of place that future leaders go to school.  You gain a special depth and experience that’s hard to match.  I think it can be a life-transforming experience.”

Looking at Fenton’s own personal achievements, this does not seem like an exaggeration.

Unfortunately, Fenton has not yet heard from the family, who is likely overwhelmed by the massive outpouring of support for their son this week.  Still, he remains hopeful and optimistic that they will at the very least see his offer. He told Addicting Info:

“This is just an effort by me and some alums and friends but I have spoken to the school and they’d of course be happy to speak with the family.”

What an amazing gift.

Featured image via Facebook