Ronald Reagan’s Son To Trump: You Are Nothing Like My Father, None Of You Are (AUDIO)

There is one person who the right-wing holds in higher regard than almost everyone, except Republican Jesus™ , and that person is former President Ronald Reagan. He is the GOP’s superhero, and every single one of their presidential candidates likes to name drop in an attempt to convince their ignorant base that they are just like him. Unfortunately for the sad bears of the party, Ronald Reagon’s son Michael Reagan just destroyed their charade and said NONE of them are anything like his dad.

In a radio interview on the Bill Carroll Show Wednesday, Michael Reagan discussed a recent phone call he had with Donald Trump where he told Trump that he is never going to win an election by insulting everyone:

“Hey Donald, I said,’you can’t blow the building up on the way through it, to get the nomination and then expect to put the building back together to win an election.'”

He goes on to say that everyone in the party is trying to equate themselves with his father and Trump is no different. He explains what he said to America’s biggest mouthpiece:

“I said,’my father didn’t attack people personally, with a wink and a nod he moved forward, you know he made, he made friends of enemies, not enemies of friends and that’s what it’s going to take… The only way we win is to have a message that’s inclusive. A message that brings Democrats and Independents to us so that we can win this election in November. If we don’t have that kind of a message, Donald, then in fact, we don’t win elections.'”

He then told Trump that his immigration policy makes the idiot even less like his dad:

“‘And you know you’re saying things and equating yourself to my father…I gotta be honest with you, my father’s not going to collect 11 million people and throw them out of the United States of America and then have a little door in the wall to let some back into the building. That’s not who Ronald Reagan was.'”

Ronald Reagan was certainly not the Great American President the Republican Party pretends he was, but he certainly didn’t spew the kind of garbage about immigrants that the party does now. In fact, he was the last president to grant the amnesty they hate so much.

Carroll then asked Reagan, if not Trump, who is the most like his father and his answer completely destroys what the candidates have been trying to do with their constant name-dropping:

“There really is none…but, I think they make a giant mistake by trying to be in the boots of Ronald Reagan…they make a mistake, because when you put any of them up against Ronald Reagan, they all fail miserably.


The GOP spends so much time trying to convince the base that each of them are just like Reagan, when in fact, none of them are. Of course, they are all going to ignore this interview and pretend it didn’t happen, because that is what the right does when they don’t like something, but we will continue to mock them. The GOP race for the White House is full of ignorant fools who have absolutely no idea how to govern and if they ever made it to the Oval Office, our country will be completely screwed.

Listen to the entire epic interview below:

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