Watch Spanky From The Little Rascals Nominate Donald Trump For The ‘He-Man Woman Haters Club’ (VIDEO)

This is too genius for words, but here goes. Someone composited Donald Trump into a scene from arguably the most classic of all the classic Little Rascals shorts from the 1930s. If you’ve ever watched old Little Rascals serials, you probably recall the episode in which the gang, led by Spanky, forms “The He-Man Woman Haters Club.” For what it’s worth, the synopsis basically goes like this:

Spanky founded this exclusive club as a defense against girls and Valentine’s Day, but Alfalfa’s heart was just not in it. His love for Darla keeps him from taking it seriously, but Spanky soon forces him to realize the bonds of brotherhood. Spanky later restores the club as an act of revenge after none of the boys get invited to the MacGillicuddy Girls’ party, and institutes Alfalfa as president.

As we all know by now, the biggest misogynist in the GOP field is Trump, so it stands to reason he’d be both a member and the would-be president of Spanky’s little club. Surely, Carly Fiorina would never be allowed anywhere near the club. However, I wonder if “H.M.W.H.C. President The Donald” would make a special accommodation and allow his lovely daughter, who he apparently would love to have creepy incestuous sex with, into the big club. Furthermore, I’m sure the Little Rascals villain, Butch, along with his sidekick “Woim,” could totally destroy Trump in a fist fight — or one of the Little Rascals’ famous rickety, ramshackled soap-box derby races.

Anyway, this — this is amazingly funny. The video was conceived, composited and edited by a New York based production company called “Doors Off,” and after a long week of nincompoopery, Trump totally deserves this if for no other reason that to relentlessly mock him as the puffy orange woman-hating buffoon he is.


Featured image: screencap