Jeb Bush Just ‘Felt The Bern’ In A Truly Awesome Photobomb (IMAGE)

When Jeb Bush headed out to Mackinac Island, Michigan this week, he might have expected to come across some interesting views, and maybe some wildlife. Instead, he came face-to-face with the phenomenon of “Republicans for Bernie Sanders” and found himself in one of the finest photobombs you’ll see this week.

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

So how did this happen? According to Twitchy:

He had apparently migrated there for the Republican Leadership Conference Saturday, as had a number of GOP presidential hopefuls. Among them was Jeb Bush, who spotted a flock of Sanders supporters and posed for a group photo.

Obviously, your first two questions are:

  1. Come on, that HAS to be photoshopped, right?
  2. Hang on…Republicans for Bernie Sanders? What?



So, first things first. No, it is not photoshopped. The image is genuine.

Secondly, you might be surprised to hear there is indeed a growing ‘Republicans for Bernie Sanders’ movement. In fact, they have over 8,000 followers on Facebook, and their FAQ section reads:

‘As a Republican, how can you possibly agree with Bernie on every issue?’

Speaking only for myself (the page administrator), the truth is that I don’t. Can any of us actually claim that? There are some issues on which I am to his “right,” and at least one issue on which I am to his ‘left’. ┬áBut then hey, Bernie Sanders may be deemed to be to the right of Hillary Clinton on a couple matters as well. It sort of seems like only a narcissist would demand a politician who agrees with him/her on every point. Good politics are about honesty and compromise, and there may be no politician alive who understands this better than Bernie.

‘Are you REALLY a Republican?’

I believe we have a wide assortment of Republicans, former Republicans, and “recovering Republicans,” as well as supportive Independents, Greens, Libertarians, and Democrats represented here. Speaking for myself, yes indeed, I am a card carrying Republican and have been for a long time.

A scroll through their content reveals a pretty ace bunch of guys and girls who think in a fairly non-partisan way, confronting politics issue by issue, and sharing general principles and values. This post is an example, harking back to a time before Republicanism was hijacked by religious conservatives and bigots.


Looks like it’s not just Liberals, Democrats and Progressives who are feeling the Bern. There are even a sprinkling of Republicans who are hungry for an honest guy to balance the books, but also the scales of economic and social justice.

Featured Image via Facebook