Obama’s ‘Stand Stronger’ Campaign Uses GOP Bigotry To Turn 8 Million Immigrants Into Voters (VIDEO)

The White House launched a new campaign on Thursday to help 8.8 million legal immigrants become citizens to fight back against the GOP’s immigrant smear campaign.

When Donald Trump announced his bid for the Republican nomination earlier this summer, he immediately began attacking immigrants. Trump decided that capitalizing on the extreme xenophobia of the right-wing base would be the easiest way to endear him to the fools and it worked. As soon as America’s biggest mouthpiece started making disparaging comments about immigrants, he shot to number one in the polls; but, he also managed to piss off millions of people, like myself, who have a family member that is an immigrant. Fortunately for us, President Obama has our backs.

Last week President Obama unveiled his plan to help millions of immigrants become citizens. The “Stand Stronger” Citizenship Awareness Campaign will offer help to the more than 8 million “green card” holders in the country change their status and become full-fledged American citizens.

As part of the initiative, immigrants will now be allowed to pay fees on a credit card. They have also created a mobile tool that gives directions to citizenship and English classes in the immigrant’s neighborhood and online civics tests will now be available. Also, the administration is expanding the availability of pro bono legal services to eligible immigrants.

Perhaps the most difficult part of becoming a citizen, besides the tedious paperwork, is the cost. It costs immigrants thousands and thousands of dollars in application fees, travel expenses and lawyer’s fees to change their status. Many people just cannot afford it, so even after they receive their “green card” they do not always become American citizens. I have family members who have been legal immigrants for decades and just have not been able to gather the money to take the final step. So, the expansion of pro bono legal services is huge.

The best way to fight back against the Republican Party’s hate is at the voting booth. 5.4 million of the 8.8 million immigrants who could be eligible to vote are Latinos — the targets of the right-wing. These Latinos could make a huge difference if they had a voice at the polls and that is why the GOP is deathly afraid of them becoming citizens.

Every time there is a citizenship push, the right freaks out. They know that the chances of fresh new Americans voting for their party is almost zilch, so they do everything they can to beat them down.  Manuel Pastor, director of the University of Southern California’s Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration told NPR that after California passed the anti-immigrant Prop. 187 in the 1990s, naturalization rates increased dramatically and that’s what’s happening now. The more the GOP attacks families and expresses their desire to rip us apart, the more eager immigrants are to have their voices heard.

President Obama’s new plan is going to have a very bad ending for the Republican Party and I can’t wait to watch it.

Watch Obama’s first “Stand Stronger” video:

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