The Saga Continues: Trump May Have Broken Up With Fox News For Reals This Time (TWEET)

If you were upset by the break up of Brenda and Dylan on Beverly Hills 90210, then you are about to feel as though you are going through déjà vu. It looks as though (brace yourself) Donald Trump (hold on, I need a tissue) has broken off his relationship with Fox News.

He made the announcement Wednesday morning in a tweet, as most celebrity break-ups are announced. He said:

“Fox News has been treating me very unfairly & I have therefore decided that I won’t be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future.”


(Okay, I’m calm now.)

Although, like most relationships, there were warning signs. Just one day earlier he was angry at his on again, off again mudslinger, Megyn Kelly.

The end was inevitable. We should’ve seen it coming. But when you’ve seen two kids so in love for so long like Trump and Fox News have been for years, you just don’t want to admit that it might be over. And it looks like Donald was the one to cut the cord.

However, it’s not as if Trump was neglected. He got all the attention in the world from Fox News. They seemed to even keep him on some sort of pedestal. However, at the end of the day, Trump didn’t like getting his feelings hurt when he was told he couldn’t always be right, so he decided to break it off before things got even worse — what if Fox News stopped paying attention to him altogether? The neglect alone could wreak havoc to the psyche. And we all know how much Trump depends on feeling he’s the only one in the room, and be must always feel as though he’s the best. That’s a lot of pressure on Fox News. A lot.

Chances are these two kids will get together again at some point. However, this on again off again relationship is tearing all of us apart at home watching.

Featured image: Wikia/Flickr/Wikimedia