Fox News Just Declared The ‘Mona Lisa’ Was Painted By Leonardo DiCaprio (VIDEO)

Well, we all know that Fox News is known for how inaccurate they are on a daily basis, but this may take the cake. It would appear Fox host Shepard Smith either had Leonardo DiCaprio on the brain, or really does believe the actor was the artist who painted the ‘Mona Lisa.’ Either way, this gaffe will go down in history as probably one of the most amusing to come out of Fox “News.”

Smith was reporting on how scientists are still trying to track down who the model was for Leonardo DA VINCI’s ‘Mona Lisa.’ However, Smith instead named the A-List actor as the artist.

Smith reported:

“And an update from scientists trying to identify the model from Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Mona Lisa.’ After digging up some woman’s remains and putting them through DNA testing, it seems they are no closer to knowing…”

I mean, da Vinci/DiCaprio… close enough, really. For Fox News, that is. Like anyone watching at home is really going to notice the difference. The average Fox News viewer is likely instead putting on their best colonial garb and crafting their latest tinfoil hat to really take notice of a historical inaccuracy. Or maybe the ones who did listen took it to heart and were like, “Wow, that boy from Titanic sure is gifted. Look how versatile his talents are!” Although, “versatile” may be too large for their vocabulary. They likely would’ve said, “that boy sure do know how to paint real good!”

No matter how you look at it, this is extremely amusing, yet not at all surprising. The day Fox News shows pure, unbiased accuracy in reporting is the day, well, the day everyone becomes a Democrat. Don’t expect that anytime soon, however. Fox News viewers are immune to facts, thus why the cable network avoids reporting them at all costs.


Video: Twitter/Featured image: Wikimedia Commons/Wikimedia Commons