Good Luck Explaining This, Hypocrite: Carly Fiorina Heads Charity That Supports Abortion Group

There was passion in Carly Fiorina’s eyes and a slight tremble of anger and horror in her voice when she declared that the video footage she saw of a fetus having its brain harvested to be the most horrific thing she’d ever witnessed. Of course, no such footage exists, there was no fetus with its face cut open while its heart was beating. That doesn’t matter to Carly; she is so very pro-life that she insists every pro-choice Democrat watch it.

Even though it doesn’t exist.

These are the tactics the Republicans use to keep their base of religious zealots and ignorant fools energized towards a singular goal: electing a President that will work with a Republican Congress to carry our country back to 1863 where it belongs. Fiorina isn’t any more guilty of it than the lot of them, but with her strong stance and breakout performance at the Republican debate debacle at the Reagan Library, she’s going to have a hard time explaining why she’s the chair of a charity that gave thousands in goods to an abortion provider.

In 2013, Good360, a charity chaired by Carly Fiorina, gave $18,022 in goods to The Abortion Access Network of Arizona.

This isn’t some off-track charity using a clever name to circumvent a vetting process by a pro-life charity, this is a nationally renowned abortion provider using a name with “abortion” right in the title. Was Fiorina not in the loop? Was she not aware that there were donations from the charity she was chair of to abortion providers?

Chances are it’s much simpler than that. Chances are that in 2013, Fiorina didn’t know she’d be running for President. Had she known, she may have been smart enough to make sure nothing with the words “abortion,” “gun control,” “logic” or “reason” came anywhere near being associated with her. As it stands now, This so-called staunch opponent of abortion who would stop at nothing to throw anyone involved with Planned Parenthood in jail for murder is the winner of this election cycle’s “hypocrites to remember.”

Featured image: Gage Skidmore