Professor Insists Single Mom Bring Toddler To Class When She Can’t Find A Babysitter (VIDEO)

When single mother and 4.0 student Amanda Osbon couldn’t find a babysitter for her one-year-old son, she had two choices: skip class, or take her child with her. Since Osbon thinks of school as her job, she chose the latter. After receiving permission from the campus director at DeVry University in Nashville, Tennessee, Osbon and her son were off to school. Her child, Xzavier, became a little restless after the first hour-and-a-half of the three-hour class, but what her professor did took the internet by storm.

“Xzavier was sitting beside me on the chair, very well behaved, eating a snack,” Osbon told ABC News. “When the [7:30] break was over, he wanted to get up and he started walking around. My professor said, ‘It’s OK Amanda, he’s only a toddler. At that point I broke down and started crying because I was so embarrassed that I had to swallow my pride.”

Her professor, Joel Bunkowske, reached down and grabbed the child, a moment so adorable Osbon had to catch it on camera. She says she shared the photo on social media “to get my professor recognition he deserved for what he did for me.”


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The photo was quickly shared thousands of times on Facebook, giving the professor more than enough recognition for his kindness, but he says he is shocked that it was such a big deal.

“I have my own two-year-old, so I held him and went about my teaching and it was no big deal,” Bunkowske explained. “I didn’t really think anything of it.”

“It’s not really about me,” he added. “I think a lot of people are struggling, like single mothers like Amanda. What touches our hearts is there are people that care. To me, [the photo] represents what teachers do every day, all across the United States.”

Bunkowske says that, hours before his class, he received a call from Osbon explaining that the babysitter did not show up, and she would need to miss class. But he was not about to allow that to happen:

“My response was ‘It’s a whole lot better if you come to class because I’d hate for you to miss a class.’ To stop someone from getting that education because of a life circumstance, I think is a travesty.”

“Never give up because you’ll never know who’s on your side,” she said. “For him to allow my son to come to school, for him to hold my son, he went from being just an educator to being a compassionate human being. I think that’s what everyone sees in that photo.” Osbon says she hopes the photo of her teacher and son encourages single parents to fight for their dreams, no matter what obstacles are in their way.

Educators in America, especially ones of Bunkowske’s caliber, are grossly unappreciated. To see an instructor care more for his student’s education than the inconvenience a child can be in a learning environment is heartwarming — and, clearly, the extra effort and understanding was something Osbon (and other students in her position) appreciate. While Bunkowske does not consider what, to him is a simple act, a huge deal, his commitment to his students’ education is extraordinary.

Bravo, sir. Bravo.

Watch a report on this incredible act of kindness, below:


Featured Image via ABC