Watch As Crazy Old White Tea Partiers Go Bananas Over Boehner’s Resignation (VIDEO)

Speaking at this week’s conservative Values Voters Summit, presidential candidate Marco Rubio announced during his address to his all-white audience that Speaker John Boehner would be resigning from Congress. The crowd’s reaction? They went bananas. Cheers and a standing ovation erupted, prompting Rubio to note that he wasn’t there to “bash anyone.”

But, you know, they shouldn’t have been so excited. First of all, given the advanced age of the crowd, all of that excitement could’ve resulted in cardio-respiratory distress. Secondly, Boehner, for all of his faults, was one of the last bulwarks against the advancing cancer that is the Tea Party movement. It’s a movement that has no problem shutting down the government due to the content of provably fraudulent videos released by known scam-artists. It’s a movement that’s given birth to nutbags like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Rick Scott and Ben Carson. It’s a movement that has zero grasp on reality or civility in politics, and it’s a movement that would’ve wholly rejected even Ronald Reagan as being too liberal were the former president alive and in politics today. Clearly the Values Voters crowd actually embraces all of those things. But they shouldn’t, because it’s beclowning their party and slowly killing it.

Personally, and for many other reasons, I’m absolutely not excited by Boehner’s soon-to-be departure. No, I don’t agree with Boehner on anything, but as a party leader, he was one of the few old-school Republicans left. And it’s the old-school Republicans who were willing to do business with the Democrats rather than just obstructing legislation for shits-and-giggles while engaging in incomprehensible stunts.

When Boehner steps down, his replacement will be more conservative. Not less. In fact, his replacement could end up being someone like Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican who helped lead the government shutdown over Obamacare. Or it could be Tom Price of Georgia, one of the nuttiest of the tea party wackaloons. Both names are in top contention for the job and we can bet that the far-right will campaign vigorously for a fellow extremist who will stop at nothing before every word of President Obama’s legacy is undone.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but this is a dark day for Congress. And, yes, that was kind of a “Boehner’s tan” joke. For old time’s sake.


Featured image via video screen capture.