Fox News’s Charles Krauthammer Calls Ben Carson’s Islam Comments ‘Morally Outrageous’

Awkward! Either someone forgot to reprogram this guy at the end of the week, or he fell off of something and hit his head. Fox News commentator and creepy Dracula look-a-like Charles Krauthammer wrote an op-ed where he took Ben Carson and other candidates to task for their bigotry that is “sincerely felt.” The truly sad thing is, he’s probably right.

It’s one thing if you’re using bigotry to make a buck (looking at you Donald Trump), but people who sincerely feel their bigotry are the ones who are truly terrifying. At least if you give the opportunist a book deal they might take their check and walk away. Instead, the true racist actually wants to hurt people.

“His reason is that Islam is incompatible with the Constitution,” Krauthammer wrote. “On the contrary. Carson is incompatible with a Constitution…”

He’s also a little incompatible with reality, logic, and any true political sense. Krauthammer continued:

“That defense misses the point The Constitution is not just a legal document. It is a didactic one. It doesn’t just set limits to power; it expresses a national ethos. It doesn’t just tell you what you’re not allowed to do; it also suggests what you shouldn’t want to do.”

Charles Krauthammer has been commenting about the GOP candidates in a much more warm fuzzy way, shaming them for wasting the summer on infighting instead of the shared interest: attacking democrats. He called it “the festival of ad hominems interrupted only by spectacular attempts to alienate major parts of the citizenry.”

He says that like it’s a bad thing…

But is Carson pandering to the right-wing faction of the GOP or is this bigotry “sincerely felt?” Krauthammer writes that Caron isn’t generally known for being a kiss-ass to the teabaggers.

“Nor do I doubt that his statement about a Muslim President was sincerely felt,” he wrote. “But it remains morally outrageous. And, in a general election, politically poisonous. It is certainly damaging to any party when one of its two front-runners denigrates, however thoughtlessly, the nation’s entire Muslim American community.”

That’s something to be truly afraid of. Ben Carson is a distant second to long-shot candidate Donald Trump with Rubio and Fiorina on the rise, but the last thing America needs is a leader who is a bigot. We’ve had them before, it doesn’t end well for anyone.

Photo via video capture & Gage Skidmore/Flickr