‘Pro-life’ Red States Working Together So They Won’t Miss Out On An Execution Opportunity

“All life is precious.” That is the theme of the good Christians of the Republican party. Their belief that holding onto that precept makes them morally superior is what allows them to also be the most hypocritical group of people in history.

All life is precious, unless you’ve been convicted of a crime we deem horrendous enough to kill you. All life is precious unless you refused to comply with a police officer and were shot dead for it. All life is precious unless you walk onto my property looking for assistance and I decide to “castle doctrine” your ass. All life is precious unless I can convince a jury of white people I was “standing my ground” when I chased that guy and killed him after I was told to stand still.

All life is precious if the Republican party decides it is, which seems to only cover pre-humans from -9 months until birth, and people who have been declared brain dead.

Never has this ignorance been more true than in the case of Alfred Prieto, a serial killer who was imprisoned in California. Prieto was also convicted in the very red state of Virginia, and their thirst for blood needed quenching. California, it seems, was taking too long to execute Prieto, so Virginia had him extradited so he won’t miss his date with the state executioner next week. Prieto is scheduled to die by lethal injection on October 1.

That presented another problem. Virginia apparently is running short on death cocktails for its mechanical syringes these days. With the controversy surrounding lethal injection drugs since the overseas companies that supplied them stopped delivering, Virginia had yet to find something worthy of a clean, guaranteed kill. With only a week left before they can gleefully end a life deemed “not precious,”  They first had to procure something deemed deadly yet not cruel or unusual. Luckily, another state that is a bastion of saviors of the fetuses and the clinically dead, Texas, has plenty of killer drugs lying around, being the most efficient killing machine in the country.

Having gone through all this trouble to be sure a man is executed, two states that champion the cause of life have proven that the conservative mindset is warped beyond belief. Does Prieto deserve to die? A jury of his peers thinks so. Even though we are one of the last civilized countries to execute people, even though capital punishment doesn’t work as anything other than a tool for revenge and even though our own constitution contradicts itself on the issue, we continue to execute people.

Being for or against the death penalty isn’t really the issue here. The issue is the hypocrisy of the people who will go so far out of their way to kill while at the same going even further to “save.” It would be nice if, just for once, Republicans could be held to a single standard, Wouldn’t it be interesting if Texas were forced to suspend its killing program before being allowed to attempt to defund Planned Parenthood?

Perspective is an interesting thing. Republicans have none.

Featured image: Wikimedia