CNN Grills Ben Carson So Hard on His Islamaphobia His Manager Has To End The Interview (VIDEO)

Watching Ben Carson do an interview is a painful affair. His eyes are closed more than they’re open. His head hangs atop his body near-motionless with the exception of the occasional unexpected bob forward. The only animated facial feature he possesses are his eyebrows, which raise and lower in an animatronic-like motion. When he speaks, a sleepy somberness falls across the room as his monotone voice answers questions with a stutterish non-regional diction, leaving even less to be desired about the man’s complete lack of individuality. Ben Carson is dry and boring, exuding all the personality of a slightly damp sponge.

Considering this man’s education, hearing his opinion on matters of science is almost comical. As a neurosurgeon, he understands the science behind life, brain activity and cognizance better than most, yet he clings to the archaic beliefs that life begins at conception.

Carson may, therefore, qualify as the most ignorant man alive. In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Jake Tapper grilled Carson about remarks he had made concerning Muslims. Carson told Chuck Todd earlier in the week that he absolutely would not approve of a Muslim in the White House if that person practiced the tenets of Islam. When Tapper reminded him that the constitution says there will be no religious test, Carson continued his rant about how Islam by its very nature isn’t consistent with the constitution.

It’s about here that the man most would assume is brilliant, who had already lost much of his appeal as a thinker, turns into a complete dolt before your very eyes. How someone can sit in front of a camera calling for a national ban on abortion, advocating for the rights of zygotes while saying the death penalty should be left up to the states is always astonishing. When that person is licensed to perform surgery on the human brain it’s just…frightening.

Carson’s ultimate problem here is his hypocrisy. To suggest that someone who practices Islam is any different from someone who practices all the tenets of Judaism or Christianity is ignorance personified. Carson keeps trying to explain it away, but it doesn’t work. Finally, a voice from off-camera says — later identified as Carson’s campaign manager — says “this interview is over,” and in an instant, Carson is done.

It’s always fun to watch a Republican (especially one of their “geniuses”) falter in public, especially when he’s a frontrunner in the race for the party’s nomination. Ben Carson has absolutely no business thinking he could be the leader of the free world, and this is the video that proves it.

Featured image via screen capture