New Fla. Bill Will Make It Even Harder To Prosecute Ammosexual Murderers Like George Zimmerman

In 2005, Florida became the first state in the nation to pass a “Stand Your Ground” law, and now more than half of the states have similar laws. Florida was a pioneer! They led the charge by creating a law that allowed George Zimmerman to walk away after killing a teenager, Trayvon Martin, in cold-blood. Now, as if that isn’t enough, the lawmaker who brought us “Kill Whomever You Want” is bringing us an even more horrific form of the law — a super-charged “Stand Your Ground” bill.

State Rep. Dennis Baxley introduced a bill on September 15 to strengthen Florida’s law. House Bill 169, or the “Use or Threatened Use of Defensive Force” bill, sets a new standard for self-defense and would block prosecutors from bringing people like George Zimmerman to trial. The bill states:

Provides legislative findings & intent; provides for retroactive application; specifies that once prima facie claim of self-defense immunity has been raised, burden of proof shall be on party seeking to overcome immunity from criminal prosecution; entitles criminal defendants who successfully claim such immunity to award of specified costs, attorney fees, & related expenses; specifies procedure for reimbursement requests; requires reimbursements to be paid from operating trust fund of state attorney who prosecuted defendant; limits amount of award.

This means that people who claim they shot someone in self-defense would not have to prove they were in fear for their lives. Instead, prosecutors would have to prove that the shooter wasn’t acting out of self defense before they charge them with a crime. The burden of proof would be shifted to the state, not the defendants.

This law has been brought forth once before in 2014, but the State Supreme Court rejected it and said the burden of proof is on the defendants. However, like a typical Republican, Baxley gives zero fucks that this has already been decided and is bringing it to lawmakers again.

Stand Your Ground laws are horrible pieces of legislation that give ammosexuals permission to kill whomever they want and not worry about going to prison. George Zimmerman is living proof that someone can be a racist piece of human waste who murders a child because of their own preconceived notions and get away with it. What’s worse, he doesn’t even feel a little bit bad about it — just look at his Twitter account.

Florida has many things to be ashamed of and are often the laughingstock of the rest of the country, but this is particularly despicable.

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