Rep. Elijah Cummings Is Crushing Right Wing Hypocrisy In The Planned Parenthood Hearing

After Oversight and Government Reform chair Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) stopped bloviating in his opening remarks in the Planned Parenthood hearing Tuesday morning, Rep. Elijah Cummings force-fed facts to the unwilling right wingers on the committee. Cummings even called on President Reagan, who signed laws that still outline many of these processes under which Planned Parenthood operates.

Today’s hearing is an important one, Rep. Cummings said, because “it will reveal whether this committee is more interested in fact or fiction. The questions members post will show whether they are engaged in an even handed search for the truth or a partisan attack based on an ideology.” Arguably, it will also reveal whether or not the right wing will indeed use this as a conduit to shutdown the federal government along ideological lines.

Cummings outlined the facts about this case against Planned Parenthood reminding us that these facts are ones that “filmmaker” David Daleiden openly admitted to:

  • This was part of a three year campaign “of deceit,” Cummings said.
  • The companies that were set up weren’t real, and are being investigation for tax fraud for duping the IRS into thinking they were a legit medical research facility.
  • To help build their web of lies, the company also set up fake identities.
  • They obviously also filmed Planned Parenthood without their knowledge and consent.
  • Not to mention years upon years of harassment from these people who have been relentless in their attacks on women.

David Daleiden’s goal over the course of the three years of his “investigation” was to prove that Planned Parenthood was selling fetal tissue for profit, Cummings said. He failed in that respect, instead being forced to strategically edit out words and phrases to make it seem like employees were agreeing to something when they were not. Unedited videos prove that Planned Parenthood only charges for the transportation and storage of research tissue, which is legal. If Congress finds it so objectionable, why isn’t Congress outlawing tissue research?

Rep. Cummings continued:

“He deceived, mislead, and essentially conned Planned Parenthood employees to try to achieve his goal. He gave them illegal contract proposals. He offered them huge sums of money. And he pursued them relentlessly. Some would say he was obsessed. Despite his best efforts Mr. Daleiden failed. There’s no credible evidence before this committee today that any Planned Parenthood employee agreed to any proposal to sell fetal tissue for profit in violation of the law.”

Cummings reminded the hearing that every single instance where a Planned Parenthood employee rejected him and his proposal was removed from his videos because it didn’t confirm the story he wanted to invent.

“Last week, all of the committee members on this side of the isle asked for Mr. Daleiden to testify here today. Since his videos are the fundamental basis to this investigation, we wanted to ask questions about his tactics and his evidence that’s only fair. But republicans refused. They don’t want him to testify. They don’t want to subject him to the difficult and uncomfortable questions that relate to the actual facts.”

And that’s the true reality in this hearing today. Republicans don’t want to get to the truth. If republican committee members wanted the truth, everyone who worked with David Daleiden would be testifying to tell us exactly what they did with the footage. If this was a real investigation and not just political nonsense, hard drives would have been inspected by Congress to run further forensic searches for evidence of the original videos. Daleiden would be forced to either perjure himself, or he’d be forced to plead the fifth which would raise more questions about what he did that may have been illegal.

This whole ordeal is nothing more than a sideshow that will serve as the ultimate reason the right-wing will seek to shut down the government. They know President Obama will stand with women and with Planned Parenthood. This will come down to the ideological nonsense the right-wing always tries to pass off as a some divine political crusade as the culture war takes it’s last dying gasp of breath. They lost on same-sex marriage. They will lose on their war against women and against Planned Parenthood. It won’t end well. And the worst part is it will likely cost tax-payers a hefty sum while do it.


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Feature image from video screen capture.