Pope ‘Who Am I To Judge’ Francis Secretly Met With Judgmental Kim Davis

So many people have been flocking to support and hold Pope Francis up as the best thing since sliced bread, as the Pope who will finally bring the Catholic Church out of the fifteenth century. However, most of these people just don’t know who this man really is.

Earlier this year, I wrote about the disturbing things he’s said about LGBT people, including that gay people are dangerous to children, and comparing transgender people to nuclear weapons. Of course, as a proud member of the LGBT community, I was done with him after that– never mind the fact that he opposes any and all birth control, including condoms, and he doesn’t believe saving a mother’s life is a good enough reason to allow for an abortion.

Well, here is another piece of evidence that this pope is nothing but a tool to improve the image of the Roman Catholic Church and get butts back in the pews and money in the collection plates. The New York Times is reporting that Pope Francis actually met with rabidly anti-gay Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in Washington during his visit to America.

This should come as no surprise, considering that after Pope Francis was safely back on the papal jet to Rome, he expressed that he supported Davis and believed she should have the ability to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples based upon her bigoted religious beliefs.

According to Davis’s lawyer, Mat Staver of the band of Christian bigots posing as lawyers called the Liberty Counsel, Davis and her husband Joe (wonder if he wore his overalls?) were led into the pope’s private Vatican residence in Washington via a secret vehicle. After that, the pontiff met with them for about fifteen minutes, during which he allegedly told Davis and her husband to “stay strong” through this controversy.

According to Staver, the Davises and affiliated people who were in the know about the pope’s meeting with the bigoted clerk, the meeting was not made public until the pope’s American tour was over because, “we didn’t want the pope’s visit to be focused on Kim Davis.”

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now. The more this pope speaks, the more people kiss his ass. Well, Pope Francis, some of us have your number. You’re just more soft-spoken than the popes who preceded you, and you likely have a better PR team. That’s how you’ve managed to manipulate so many people– including many liberals– into thinking you’re the change the Catholic Church and the religious world at large has needed for so long. It’s becoming clear that’s not what you are, though. You’re just another pope who happens to be socially aware enough to know how to dress your bullshit in more attractive language than others have been able to do.

If this doesn’t tell people what kind of person this pope is, I don’t know what will. At least now, he’s open about his bigotry, and people can hopefully realize that he’s just the new face of the same homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, child molesting religious cult that the Roman Catholic Church has always been, and he’s singing the same bigoted, archaic tune as previous popes, just in a different key.

UPDATE: The Vatican has confirmed that this meeting did indeed take place, as Kim Davis’s lawyers claimed.

Featured image via screen capture/The Telegraph