These Omitted Scenes From The Planned Parenthood Vids PROVE They Did Nothing Wrong (VIDEO)

David Daleiden’s so-called “proof” that Planned Parenthood is selling fetal tissue for profit is going down in flames. After a judge ruled that he couldn’t keep the footage he edited out of the videos a secret under the¬†Fifth Amendment, Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress were forced to release the truth.

The truth, as shown clearly in this fact vs. fiction video from OversightDems, is that the lunch conversation Daleiden bases his accusations on isn’t just edited, it’s butchered. The woman who supposedly told Daleiden about the enormous cash flow from “selling baby parts” can actually be heard saying, “nobody profits from fetal tissue,” and “this isn’t some kind of revenue stream.”

In fact, the ten instances of her mentioning fetal tissue and payment in this video shows that Planned Parenthood in no way supports fetal tissue sales for profit.

It’s not really surprising that Daleiden is being proven to be a complete scam artist. Religious zealots throughout history are well-known to skew the truth for the advancement of a cause. Daleiden is no different. That became apparent when he used an image of a stillborn — cupped lovingly in someone’s hands with his umbilical cord clipped neatly — as the representation of an aborted fetus.

Daleiden claims that the image is “representative of what Planned Parenthood does on a regular basis,” which couldn’t be further from the truth. Abortions at that late a stage are almost always due to a medical condition or birth defect. Those procedures aren’t “birth control,” they’re very difficult decisions made by expectant parents of wanted pregnancies.

That doesn’t matter to zealots. Their morality should be your morality. You should be forced to care for a child with no brain or an underdeveloped heart that probably won’t survive the day of his birth. Nothing says “Jesus loves you” like picking out a tiny casket for a child you know won’t survive, just to please the religious right.

The truth is coming out. A slew of ignorant red states have already concluded their witch hunts and found no wrong-doing. The videos are a load of crap, and everyone is seeing the truth. Congressional zealots are making fools of themselves.

Watch the video that proves Planned Parenthood doesn’t “sell body parts for profit.”

Featured image: Wikipedia