Donald Trump Issues Despicable Six-Word Threat To Syrian Refugees (VIDEO)

While addressing a rowdy, anti-immigrant crowd in New Hampshire, Donald Trump issued a despicable six-word promise on Syrian refugees: “If I win, they’re going back!”

In his rant, Trump claims that the Obama plans to let in 200,000 Syrian refugees — which is actually not the U.S. figure at all, but the number that the UN called on the EU to take in.

But not only is Trump wrong on the basis of fact, he’s wrong on the basis of principle.

There are currently 4.1 million registered Syrian refugees. Lebanon is now housing well over one million of them, an enormous burden for a state with just 4.4 million citizens of its own. Jordan is also supporting over 1 million Syrian refugees, despite already hosting 2 million Palestinian refugees. Iraq and Egypt are also picking up an extraordinary number.

Some EU countries have stepped up to this challenge in a way that is nothing short of inspirational.

  • Germany defied the Dublin Law’s restrictions on immigrants to welcome in 800,000 Syrian refugees this year – a massive contribution to absorbing the refugee population and reducing pressure on entry points across the EU.
  • German citizens have been so busy donating to support the refugees that police actually had to ask them to stop, as they had more resources than they yet knew what to do with.
  • When coach-loads of Syrian refugees arrived in the tiny German town of Oer Erkenschwick, hundreds of townspeople bearing flowers and welcome banners lined the streets to welcome their guests.
  • Germans have also set up an Airbnb for refugees which has gathered an overwhelming response from German citizens looking to open their homes.
  • A British group of 7 concerned citizens have raised £50,000 ($76,500) in just a few weeks to help put together aid packages for refugees in Kent.
  • Another British group set up a Kickstarter for the same purpose which has raised £41,000 ($63,000).
  • In Iceland, a tiny island with a population of under half a million people – 11,000 people have offered to open their own homes to help house Syrian refugees.

Donald Trump would have the United States, the supposed leading nation of the free world, join Eastern Europe and Israel in closing their borders to a crisis which every responsible nation on earth is doing it’s best to alleviate. The richest nation on earth closing its borders to people in desperate need of help, while some of the poorest pitch in — this is a stain that the U.S. would have to work very hard to remove from its reputation among the international community.

Another reason, as if it were needed, that Donald Trump isn’t fit to run a bath, let alone a country.

Featured Image via YouTube Screengrab