Extremist Behind Bogus Planned Parenthood Videos Arrested Trying To Sneak Into Australia (VIDEO)

Troy Newman, leader of the U.S. based anti-choice extremist group Operation Rescue was just arrested trying illegally enter the country of Australia.

Newman is one of the key characters involved in the release of a series of doctored videos which were deliberately edited to make it appear as if Planned Parenthood harvests and sells fetal tissue.

In light of Newman’s role in helping to orchestrate the videos, along with his long history of promoting violence against abortion clinics and doctors who perform the medical procedure, the Australian government denied Newman’s passport request in September.

Newman attempted to enter the country anyway. He boarded a plane in Los Angeles, California, where he flew to Melbourne, Australia, and was promptly detained by Australian officials.

Typical of the Right To Lie movement in the U.S., Newman claims that his cause is peaceful and that his statements “have been taken out of context.”

In his book, Their Blood Cries Out, he suggested that abortion doctors should be executed and women and men who request the procedure should be arrested and charged with murder.

Newman has repeatedly called for the use of “guerrilla warfare” against abortion providers. While Newman threw a public fit over media reports that his violent rhetoric has incited violence against abortion providers in the U.S., no amount of fit throwing can change the fact that members of Newman’s “pro-life” group openly celebrated the 2008 murder of Dr. George Tiller. Tiller was killed inside his church by a “God-loving”, murderous, right wing fanatic.

It also doesn’t change the fact that Newman’s group posts photos, addresses and phone numbers of abortion providers on their website.  Nor does it change the rhetoric used by the organization that deliberately conjures up the use of violence, such as repeated references to warfare and guerrilla warfare by Newman, who brags that he is “a student of history and warfare.” He consistently promotes the use of “warfare techniques” and the “principles of warfare,” while at the same time claiming his organization is “peaceful.”

Newman’s Operation Rescue group routinely and maliciously targets abortion providers and their patients in vicious online smear campaigns.

A manifesto published by Newman and Operation Rescue colleague, Cheryl Sullenger, who spent two years in jail for conspiring to bomb an abortion clinic in California, gives some insight into how the Right To Lie movement justifies their hypocrisy in their own minds.

As Right Wing Watch reports, one chapter of the organization’s published manifesto begins with a quote from Sun Tzu, “All warfare is based on deception.” That quotes explains why an organization that consistently works to incite violence also consistently works to confuse people about the violent nature of their agenda.

In the same chapter, Newman and Sullenger go on to explain the distinctly right wing Christian idea of lying for God.

“Some have no problem whatsoever stretching the truth to a godless enemy who is bent on destroying innocent lives — especially if it can be used to save babies. One need only look at the story of Rahab in the Bible for an example of a woman who used misdirection to save the lives of the Jewish spies and was honored by God for it (See Joshua 2).”

So, in their warped minds God is on their side, but the truth is He’s not, and that’s okay. God is not able to give them any real evidence to further their “Godly cause.” That doesn’t matter because he gives them the amazing power to make stuff up.

During an interview with MSNBC, devoted anti-choicer Lexi Oliver Fretz, the mother of a 19-week-old fetus whose photo was stolen and used deceptively in the Center for Medical Progress videos confirmed this mindset.

Fretz took photos of the miscarried fetus, which she named Walter. She posted them online. Without permission, the organization stole those photos, and edited them into one of the videos in order to purposely mislead viewers. During the interview Fretz told MSBNC that she was fine with the organization’s deceptive and unauthorized use of those photos, saying that it was “God’s will.” She apparently believes that having photos of his dead body exploited in this completely dishonest way gives the fetus’ life “meaning.” If that means that people who watch the videos are deceived into believing that the fetus in the photos was the product of an abortion, well then hurray for all God’s lies and deception.

Never mind that the Bible says Jesus is the truth (John 14:6) or that the Bible also says that the devil is the father of lies (John 8:44). Never mind that “Don’t bear false witness” (in the form of fake videos, even) is one of the Ten Commandments. Who cares about the Ten Commandments when you’re on a holy mission from God?

After the Australian authorities detained Newman, his wife Melissa told reporters:

“I don’t know what they’re afraid of. I don’t know what they think he’s going to do here.”

Labor MP Terri Butler defended the country’s decision to bar Newman from entry, saying:

“In this country we have a long history of debate around abortion and around terminations of pregnancy. But it’s done in a really respectful way, and that’s really important because you’re talking about safety to doctors, safety to nurses, safety to people in the profession, but also safety for the families involved.”

In a letter to the Immigration Minister, Ms. Butler wrote:

“I am concerned that Mr Newman’s presence in Australia will cause significant harm to our community. I am most concerned that Mr Newman’s call for abortionists to be executed could lead to threats or the commission of acts of violence against women and medical professionals.”

United Airlines is in hot water for allowing Newman to fly to Australia, in spite of the fact that his Visa was revoked by the government. Apparently allowing terrorists to fly into the country is a pretty big deal. The airline is subject to fines and other legal action on behalf of the Australian government.

Here’s more on this story from ABC Australia.

Featured image credit: video screen capture ABC Australia