Vatican Attempts To Reverse Damage Caused By Pope Francis’ Meeting With Bigot Kim Davis

After stirring outrage by meeting privately with hateful Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis during his trip to America earlier this week, the Vatican is in full damage control to revive Pope Francis’ image.

According to the New York Times, Davis and her husband were granted a secret meeting with the pontiff at the Vatican Embassy, which the Vatican itself later confirmed.

Davis and her attorney went on to describe the details of the meeting:

On Tuesday night, her lawyer, Mathew D. Staver, said that Ms. Davis and her husband, Joe, were sneaked into the Vatican Embassy by car on Thursday afternoon. Francis gave her rosaries and told her to “stay strong,” the lawyer said. The couple met for about 15 minutes with the pope, who was accompanied by security guards, aides and photographers.

“I put my hand out and he reached and he grabbed it, and I hugged him and he hugged me,” Ms. Davis said Wednesday in an interview with ABC News. ‘Thank you for your courage.’”

“I had tears coming out of my eyes,” she said. “I’m just a nobody, so it was really humbling to think he would want to meet or know me.”

This single meeting with a woman who abuses her government job to practice her bigotry against gay people drew outrage among Americans who had thought Pope Francis was a different, more tolerant kind of pope.

And now the Vatican is taking steps to reverse the damage done by the meeting.

Reuters reports that Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi claimed that Davis was part of a group of “several dozen” guests invited to see the pontiff and that Pope Francis didn’t discuss her anti-gay crusade.

“The Pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects.”

And yet another Vatican official said that there is a “sense of regret” that Pope Francis met with Davis.

Gee, ya think?

Not only did Pope Francis give conservatives the opportunity to scream to the world that Pope Francis hates gay people, too, he inserted himself into a constitutional issue that carries significant consequences if the Kim Davises of the world have their way.

When he first took over the papacy, Pope Francis moved the Vatican forward by expressing tolerance and love for gay people. And now he has taken the Vatican backward by telling an incredibly bigoted and hateful woman in a government position to “stay strong” as she continues to use her religious beliefs to deny same-sex couples their constitutional right to get married.

The optics of this meeting clearly hurts Pope Francis’ image and the Vatican knows that or it wouldn’t be putting out these new statements. But it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a statement from a Vatican spokesman or official to reverse the damage.

Pope Francis himself needs to step up and apologize for giving encouragement to a hateful hypocrite who has done nothing, but repeatedly fail to do her job as a public servant. Kim Davis does not represent love, tolerance, or peace, all of which are characteristics Pope Francis supposedly holds in high regard. She’s an attention whore who represents bigotry, hate, and hypocrisy. She is the opposite of what it means to be a true Christian and Pope Francis should be ashamed that he allowed such a waste of humanity to get within 1,000 yards of him.

If Pope Francis truly cares about fighting for the oppressed, he can start by fighting for the too-often maligned LGBT community that has had to deal with hate and discrimination around the world throughout human history. They are the real victims of persecution, not Kim Davis. The pontiff could have sent a far better message to the world by meeting with and embracing a same-sex couple who had been denied a marriage license by Davis. Instead, he made a different decision, and the bigots of the world rejoiced.

Featured Image: Flickr