Tenn. County Has Resolution To Be Spared From ‘GOD’s WRATH’ After SCOTUS Ruling On Marriage

There’s a county in Tennessee that is preparing for the worst, and they are absolutely not taking any chances. Blount County legislators are going balls to the wall and hearing a resolution that will spare them from the impending doom of the nation. No, not ISIS, nor Ebola, something much more sinister — same-sex couples in love getting married.

No, really. They are. They are considering “Resolution 15-10-006” titled “Resolution condemning judicial tyranny and petitioning God’s mercy.” They are asking God to spare them when he comes back to destroy the earth just like he allegedly did with Sodom and Gomorrah.

The resolution reads:

“Whereas, the Governor, Attorney General, and ALL WE Blount County Legislators have sworn an oath consistent with the moral Law of God (“So Help Me God”) to uphold the Constitution of Tennessee and the Constitution of the United States; and Whereas, the fulfillment of this oath, in the American tradition, may not be read to contradict the written Constitution, Justice, Reason and higher Natural Law.”

It claims, “not all orders claiming authority under color of law are lawful,” and then claim they are to resist those laws, saying “unlawful orders, no matter their source – whether from a military commander, a federal judge, or the United States Supreme Court – are and remain unlawful, and should be resisted.” Apparently, federal judges have “violated Reason” by striking down same-sex marriage bans in individual states.

Here’s the pièce de résistance:

“With a firm reliance upon the providence of Almighty God WE the BLOUNT COUNTY LEGISLATURE call upon all of the Officers of the State of Tennessee, the Governor, the Attorney General, and the members of the Tennessee Legislature, to join US, and utilize all authority within their power to protect Natural Marriage, from lawless court opinions, AND THE financial schemes of the enemies of righteousness wherever the source AND defend the Moral Standards of Tennessee.

WE adopt this Resolution before God that He pass us by in His Coming Wrath and not destroy our County as He did Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighboring cities. As the Passover Lamb was a means of salvation to the ancient Children of Israel, so we stand upon the safety of the Lamb of God to save us.

WE adopt this Resolution begging His favor in light of the fact that we have been forced to comply and recognize that the State of Tennessee, like so many other God-fearing States, MAY have fallen prey to a lawless judiciary in legalizing what God and the Bible expressly forbids.”

(Waiting for you to wrap your head around that)

(okay, ready?)

What the actual f*ck?

First of all, do they really believe their deity is gonna be like, “Oh yes, that’s the county that wrote that resolution. They shall be spared.” Now, not being a theologian, this is just a wild guess, but, I’m thinking that’s not how that works. Maybe I’m wrong. Better safe than sorry, I suppose. It’s basically them writing up an insurance policy.

All of that aside. This is blatantly illegal behavior and they are behaving like a Theocracy, and shouldn’t even consider this resolution. This county is violating separation of church and state as written in the First Amendment — “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..” Maybe they skipped that lesson in civics class.

Sure, in people’s own personal lives they can come up with their own personal resolution with their fear the impending end times because two people in love can now have tax benefits, but that’s not the job of government, even on a state level. Besides the fact, the 14th Amendment offers protections to ALL citizens. Tiny detail.

And yes, this is a real story, PFLAG Maryville, which is in Blount County, Tennessee, is protesting the resolution for being hateful towards the LGBT community.

Next Tuesday, October 6, at 6:30 p.m. in Room 430 of the Blount County Courthouse, Commissioner Karen Miller will…

Posted by PFLAG Maryville on Friday, October 2, 2015

If you’re shaking your head, you’re not alone. This does seem pretty “the power of Christ compels you.” It will be interesting to see if something like this actually passes and what will be done afterwards.

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