The 5 Best Gun Control Laws In The World — Not A Single One Is From The U.S.

The gun lobby in this country has but one job: make sure that guns are easily accessible to everyone, regardless of their past, their mental health history, or their age. The NRA pushed for “gun safety training” for children when they’re barely out of diapers, which is their way of introducing them to the American gun culture as early as possible.

In some states, there are no age restrictions for carrying guns. In Alabama, for example, children under 18 must be supervised by an adult when using a gun, unless they’re target shooting, hunting, trapping or fishing. So… not at all. Many states allow the sale of long guns at yard sales and flea markets, making it possible for criminals to purchase an arsenal without even worrying about sales tax, never mind a background check.

There are more than 300 million privately owned firearms in this country; one for every man, woman and child. The distribution of weapons is so widespread that even if the government wanted to, they would never be able to find them all. A constitutional amendment banning firearms would result in nothing short of an armed rebellion, as ammosexuals across the nation would organize for their right to kill indiscriminately.

How do other countries do it? There are plenty of places where guns are legal for hunting, sporting, and even defense, but no place in the civilized world has the kind of issues we do when it comes to gun violence. The answer lies in common sense gun laws, something we have never, and most likely will never, see in our society. As our allies evolve into a more peaceful state of being, we regress further into stupidity, where people think the answer to all of our problems is more violence.

These five gun control laws are the best in the world. Reasonable and effective, they help keep the people safe from unnecessary violence:

  • Germany: To buy a gun, anyone under the age of 25 has to pass a psychiatric evaluation. This is the kind of restriction we could have used to keep guns out of the hands of Dylann Roof. It may be flawed to think that people are mentally stable after their 25th birthday, but Germany has a great fewer gun-related deaths than we do.
  • Finland: Handgun license applicants are only allowed to purchase firearms if they can prove they are active members of regulated shooting clubs. Before they can get a gun, applicants must pass an aptitude test, submit to a police interview, and show they have a proper gun storage unit. To the American ammosexual that would be infringing on his rights to leave loaded weapons around for kids to kill each other with. Not to mention, most couldn’t pass an aptitude test if their lives depended on it.
  • Italy: To secure a gun permit, one must establish a genuine reason to possess a firearm and pass a background check, considering both criminal and mental health records. A genuine reason? An American would start misquoting Thomas Jefferson, demanding they be given their God-given right to bear arms.
  • France: Firearms applicants must have no criminal record and pass a background check that considers the reason for the gun purchase and evaluates the criminal, mental, and health records of the applicant. Okay, so this is basically the same law Italy has, it just seemed prudent to point out that two countries with fewer combined gun deaths in the last decade than we had last year may just have something to do with a common sense law like this one.
  • United Kingdom and Japan: Handguns are illegal for private citizens. If private citizens were forbidden from owning handguns, gun related deaths in this country would plummet. Is that feasible? Probably not, especially with the sheer number already on the streets, but hey, we can dream can’t we?

The mental health restrictions alone would have presumably stopped Dylann Roof from obtaining a firearm. Without a reasonable explanation other than, “to defend my canned peaches from tyranny,” a whole slew of other right-wing extremists would be out of luck as well.

Featured image: Wikipedia