‘Green Power Ranger’ Shows Up At Anti-Choice Protest To Fight For Women’s Rights (VIDEOS)

When the group, “Belmont County Right To Life,” organized an anti-choice rally in West Virginia, they had no idea that Green Power Ranger would be there to support the other side. The protesters, angered by the recently released and heavily doctored videos showing Planned Parenthood allegedly engaged in all kinds of nefarious things they never did, carried the typical signs of the “pro-life” crowd.

In the all-out assault on women’s rights, Green Power Ranger stuck out like a sore thumb. Several of the protesters couldn’t quite understand that the man behind the mask was only behind that mask because it was a part of the costume he was wearing to make himself stand out. And stand out he certainly did:


Courtesy of John Prager

The protesters weren’t amused. One woman kept nudging into Green Power Ranger’s personal space, and at some points was blatantly pushing him. Another protester accused Green Power Ranger of not wanting to show his face:

It’s obvious that Green Power Ranger was getting under their skin. This woman warned him about “messing with” her, because she “works for the city building.” Her views on Green Power Rangers First Amendment rights are about as ignorant as her views on women’s rights:

These champions of the zygote certainly were miffed. Their little hatefest was under siege from a masked man. When the festivities were over, Green Power Ranger decided to thank the group for giving him the opportunity to make them look foolish:



He’s not so anonymous after all. Green Power Ranger is John Prager, a writer for Addicting Info, Occupy Democrats, and If You Only News, and a liberal political activist. This isn’t the first time he’s shown up at an event like this, but it is the first time he donned a Green Power Ranger costume.

Prager’s most interesting conversation of the afternoon was with the priest who organized the event, who refused to name himself, but gives the churches he brainwashes people from. An admitted autocrat, Father whatshisname believes that if a woman doesn’t want a baby, that she shouldn’t get pregnant, even in cases of rape and incest.

No, it’s not very insightful to be that ignorant, but apparently he is just what the archdiocese ordered when it comes to a leader:

In an extremely interesting turn of events, a companion traveling with Prager had the opportunity to speak with some of the younger women there. Asking to be identified only as “Mariah,” she told Addicting Info that many of the young women at the protest were bused in from a local private school, against their will, to bolster the numbers at the rally. Mariah says the girls told her, “We’re actually pro-choice” and “This is required by a class, we go to a private school.” She added that the girls were thankful to her for supporting women’s rights.

“Thank you so much for coming out and supporting your cause,” one girl said.

It’s not at all unbelievable that the anti-choice crowd would stoop to such lows, considering how they continue to stand behind videos that have been proven to be nothing more than politically motivated lies and nonsense. Hopefully Green Power Ranger will inspire more people to show up to support American women when they see these attacks on Planned Parenthood in their area.

Featured image courtesy of John Prager