Westboro Baptist Has Been Reduced To Protesting….The National Weather Service

The Westboro Baptist Church is not known for being particularly rational. Or intelligent. Or sane. But this might be just about the dumbest thing they’ve ever done. Instead of protesting the funerals of celebrities or soldiers like they usually do, the walking punchline that is WBC has decided that they’re going to take their show on the road to Norman, Oklahoma to yell at meteorologists for predicting the weather.

At first I thought this was a joke and the first thing that came to mind was this:


But, no, they really ARE going to yell at the nation’s weathermen for, I kid you not, stealing God’s glory and giving it to another. For real:

If you’re wondering who, exactly, those dastardly meteorologists are giving God’s stolen glory to, it’s, again, I kid you not, Mother Nature:

Give the glory of the Works of God, TO GOD! Your DUTY is to never again attribute the glorious works of God to any other, including your false goddess, Mother Nature.

NOTE to weather reporting rebels: nothing happens in this earth without the direct command of God. HE is sovereign of all!

If you feel like perhaps you are now slightly dumber than you were a minute ago, join the club. There’s only so much stupid your brain can process before it loses a few millions brain cells. Although, to be fair, “Weather Reporting Rebels” is a waaaaaaaay cooler name than “meteorologist” or “weatherperson.”

Of course, being the Westboro Baptist Church, no protest would be complete without the obligatory whining about The Gay:

“The day comes when all weather rules, as you know them, will be gone. America crossed the Rubicon when, by force of law, you permitted same-sex marriage. Further, when a people cast the commandments of God behind their back and turn to evil, God will turn the weather, the elements and all nature against you!”

The upside is that, despite being more or less completely insane, the WBC is to the left of Republicans on the issue of Climate Change

“Destruction cometh! Stay tuned! Global Warming is just getting started!”

Sure, they thinks it’s the mystical result of God’s anti-gay wrath and not from centuries of man made pollution but, hey, at least they’re not pretending nothing’s happening. That’s something, right?