Fla. Judge Throws Crying Domestic Abuse Victim In Jail For ‘Making The State Look Bad’ (VIDEO)

The effects of domestic violence take their toll on the body, mind, and spirit. Survivors of abuse inflicted by loved ones are often confused, anxious, and irrational. Far too often we hear that someone got away with beating their spouse or their kids, because a victim was unwilling to testify.

That is in no way a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of abuse. The often apologetic spouse is caught up in a world where the man or woman they believe deep in their hearts is in love with them does absolutely unimaginable things, and they don’t understand. They want things to be normal again; they believe it when they’re told “I’m sorry.” They desperately want normalcy.

Often times when survivors escape their abuser and move on, they still have a hard time facing that person, which is completely understandable. That was the case for this Florida woman, whose nightmare of domestic abuse had taken everything from her. When the state took a year to enforce a child support plan for her to raise a toddler, she found herself homeless, crashing on her mother’s couch, and having to sell everything she owned just to scrape by.

As she states in the video, she discussed with her crisis management counselor about dropping the case against her abuser, because she couldn’t deal with it, and didn’t want to have to face him in court. The state of Florida, however, had already filed charges, were prepared to try the man for abuse, and had subpoenaed the woman to testify. When she didn’t show up, the judge had her brought to the court to answer for her “crime” of contempt.

The video shows best the exchange between the judge and the woman, but let’s just say for good measure that there’s no way this judge deserves her robe. She berates this woman, dismisses everything she’s told about why she didn’t show up in court and sentences her to jail time for contempt of court.

As the victim breaks down, your own blood will boil. The chances that this woman will ever report abuse against her again after the system treated her this way are slim to none. Any domestic abuse victims living in that area who heard about the incident, no doubt, lost their faith that justice was on their side. The judge said it best when she said,

“You knew the state was going to look bad if you didn’t show up.”

Because that’s what really matters, isn’t it? Not the physical and mental well-being of a woman with a history of being abused, but your conviction rate.

Bravo, Florida. As usual you’ve disappointed everyone but the criminal with your inept legal system.

Featured image via screen capture