Christian Bigot Protesting ‘Violent Islam’ Gets Hugs – Invited Into Mosque (VIDEO)

Global Rally For Humanity was supposed to be an anti-Muslim protest at Mosques nationwide, organized by a group known as the Oath Keepers. While an estimated 120 Christian bigots picketed outside a Mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, things looked vastly different in Dearborn, Michigan. Only one protester showed up.

Dozens more were seen driving by, but when they realized turnout wasn’t what they were quite expecting, they decided to turn tail.

For the lone woman brave enough to stay the course, her day of protesting a “violent Islam” turned into something entirely different. Instead of running into a situation that confirmed her beliefs (i.e. Muslims hating her for her bigoted views), she was welcomed with hugs and invited inside the Mosque for coffee and bagels.

Even the cops standing patrol outside were surprised, expecting some violence given the hype about the mass protests that were supposed to occur. One of the supporters on the scene, Micah, recalled:

“Super funny look on the cops faces when they saw us walking her in. It was a sorta beautiful thing. One of those ‘maybe there is still sorta hope for humanity’ kind of days.”

After a very lengthy discussion outside the Mosque, highlighting the misinformation surrounding Muslims, the woman eventually caved in on her beliefs and decided to come into the Mosque. Once inside, she took selfies with Muslims, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

It’s is a thing of beauty to see a person with such bigoted views end the day embracing the people she once swore were evil.

So much for that hate rally. This just proves that love really is more powerful than hate.

Image via Counter Current News