GOP Implosion: The Party’s Over And Everyone Who’s Not Hallucinating Knows

The Grand Old Party is over. That’s not a statement that is based on mere rumors and speculation. It’s a statement based on reality, something the small minority of people who are orchestrating the GOP’s downfall currently know very little about. Still, if there’s anything reality is known for, it’s sudden and rude awakenings.

Currently, a small faction of Tea Party extremists in Congress is wreaking havoc and chaos at every possible turn. These 40 republican politicians, all members of the House Freedom Caucus, have decided to hold their fellow Republicans, and likely the entire country, hostage to their fanatical demands. Every seemingly-sane member of Congress has been targeted by these far-right nuts, who have absolutely no clue how to govern.

This is the group that orchestrated the resignation of House Speaker John Boehner. They went after Republican colleagues, Renee Ellmers and Kevin McCarthy, when it looked as if McCarthy had a good chance of becoming the next speaker.

Sane conservatives, scrambling to save the party from a now inevitable implosion, have been begging Paul Ryan to put in a bid for speaker. Although Ryan has repeatedly said that he is not going to run, far right extremists are now attacking him, apparently just for being mentioned as a possibility.

Most of us think of Paul Ryan as a right-wing extremist. We’ve seen the Ryan budget. We know his wet dreams include gutting the social safety net, privatizing Medicare and making deep cuts into Social Security, all while giving enormous handouts to the richest people in the U.S. We’ve heard the audio recordings of Paul Ryan gushing over the fictional work of conservative goddess, Ayn Rand, whom he’s cited as the greatest influence behind his political ideology.

During the 2012 election, Paul Ryan polled worse than Sarah Palin, as American voters flat-out rejected his ideas, labeling him as too extreme. While the majority of Americans see Paul Ryan’s agenda as extreme, Ryan is nowhere near as extreme as the Freedom Caucus wants the next to speaker to be.

American voters are beyond tired of the Tea Party’s antics in Washington. The polls have repeatedly showed us that voters want representatives who are willing to compromise and work with the other party in a bipartisan manner. The only option for these particular 40 men is a speaker who will never work across the aisles, ever. One who will shut the government down every time the Freedom Caucus doesn’t get its way. One who would never allow a shut-down government to reopen until these fanatics get everything they want.

A September 2015 poll from CBS News/New York Times shows that just 22 percent of Americans agree with the Tea Party agenda. The Tea Party’s popularity has been steadily declining over the past few years, as more and more Americans figure out that the party’s members and leaders are completely insane.

But the delusional Freedom Caucus members aren’t at all concerned about what the majority of Americans think. At least not right now. Many come from the deep-red-south, where the opinions and beliefs of voters are as at least as extreme as their own. They exist in the kind of delusional bubble you might expect, imagining themselves to be the heroes and saviors of the nation.

But the coup that they are pulling in Washington will have lasting ramifications, and every sane Republican in Congress knows it. Their childish approach to governing will likely cost the Republican party its majority in the House. Along with that, it will ensure that no conservative candidate even comes close to reaching the White House.

Even if sane republicans somehow manage to negotiate a compromise with Freedom Caucus before the next speaker is elected, Americans are likely in for a seriously bad time. The Caucus says they won’t support any candidate unless the person agrees to a list of extortion-like demands¬†which would give the Caucus even more control over the party. Debt-ceiling showdowns and government shut-downs, here we go again.

The last time Republicans forced a government shut-down, the party’s poll numbers sunk to a historic low. Outside of the Freedom Caucus, members of the GOP are well aware of the political consequences of forcing another shutdown with elections approaching.¬†While some Republicans are trying to find a solution to the Freedom Caucus problem, others are working overtime trying to distance themselves from the fallout that is coming.

Here’s why they don’t get to do that.

After decades of using the Southern strategy to attract racists and religious bigots to their party, Republicans are now facing the bitter consequences of their own decisions. To say that the party is overrun with people of low intelligence and bad character would be putting it mildly. But let’s not forget, those are the people that they purposely set out to recruit in the 1960s, and nothing has changed since then.

If anything, the GOP ramped up their use of the Southern Strategy after Americans voted in the first Black president. Exploiting fears and capitalizing on race-based hatred, the Republican party got a nice boost after the 2008 elections. They became experts in pandering to religious bigotry, and got extra points from scared white people by convincing them that the president is really a “Kenyan Muslim.” It was a one-two punch that gave them a way to appeal to racists and religious bigots, all at the same time.

Republicans have nothing to offer the country policy-wise, but they’re masters at sounding the dog-whistle. Each time that whistle blows, a new herd of rabid, flea-bitten mongrels comes rushing to drool at their feet, but now the same pack of wild dogs they drug in has decided to bite the hand that fed it.

The 40 members of the Freedom Caucus are living inside the very illusions the Republican party created. It’s almost funny to hear certain GOP politicians complaining about how the Freedom Caucus doesn’t understand or accept reality. These 40 delusional members of Congress simply bought into the false reality the party sold them hook, line and sinker.

In their minds they’re in Washington to defend America against an entire of host of attacks that do not, and never did, exist. Now the loons have taken over, Republicans are left with no way out.

Serves them right. They created this monster. They deserve nothing better than to be demolished by it.

Image Credit via Flckr under Creative Commons License 2.0. Some changes were made