Hispanic Trump Super Fan Implies Campaign Sought Her Out, Then Backtracks (VIDEO)

When a Hispanic woman loudly proclaimed her love for all things Donald Trump onstage at a campaign event in Las Vegas, I naturally assumed someone had her family tied up in hotel room.

Myriam Witcher stood on stage and declared, “I’m Hispanic and I vote for Mr. Trump!” Trump claimed that he had never met the woman, then proceeded to awkwardly touch the woman in his excitement. On Friday, however, Witcher sat down for an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and implied that Trump’s campaign had actively sought her out.

Baldwin asked Witcher if she had ever met Trump prior to her encounter with him in Las Vegas. Witcher responded by saying, “Only in my dreams.” She then expanded her answer to say that she had written on Trump’s campaign Facebook page several times saying that she was a Hispanic voter who was very excited about Trump, and wished to give the man a hug.

Baldwin then asked Witcher, “So did someone from the Trump campaign, Myriam, did they see what you posted on Facebook? Did someone from the campaign reach out to you?”

“I guess from the campaign, I guess,” Witcher replied. “I touch my feelings. I go by my heart and I very simply like Mr. Trump. I just said what I feel.”

“I’m just trying to ask did his campaign talk to you ahead of time?” Baldwin asked again.

“Nobody,” Witcher answered. “It’s not something—I just only talk to God and my computer and my heart. That’s it… Mr. Trump is 100 percent right,” she said. “He’s our perfect man.”

Witcher apparently has no problems with Trump’s campaign being largely built by tapping into conservative American’s racist attitudes towards Hispanic and Latino Americans. Trump’s gaffe-a-minute campaign is starting to falter as the joke begins to get stale. It isn’t surprising that his campaign is resorting to finding his lone supporter that comes from the community he regularly degrades for political gain.

You can watch the interview below.

Featured Image Credit: Screenshot via YouTube