Republicans Create 5th Committee To Destroy Planned Parenthood After Last Four Fail

Republicans have been eager to find new ways to waste taxpayer dollars on useless, politically-motivated witch hunts after their long-standing efforts to destroy Hillary Clinton via endless Benghazi “investigations” imploded in spectacular fashion. It seems they have found their new windmill to tilt at.

Congressional Republicans seized on fraudulently produced, heavily-edited “undercover” videos pro-life activists had claimed showed Planned Parenthood engaging in unethical profiteering from abortion. In the months since, absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing has been uncovered, but that hasn’t stopped conservatives from using the tapes to springboard their anti-abortion agenda. To that end, Republicans have now launched a grand total of five separate committees to investigate the women’s health organization. There’s the four that already exist, and now there is a fifth one beginning this week. None have accomplished a single thing. None probably ever will.

Hilariously, Republicans seem dimly aware that their efforts to find criminal activity within Planned Parenthood is going to fail. Four “investigations” in and no evidence? That’s not a great sign. Instead, proponents of the new committee argued the goal should be shifted to simply smearing the organization instead. Here’s Rep. Virginia Foxx admitting her new investigation will be primarily focused on opposing fetal tissue donation not because it’s illegal (it isn’t), but because she personally finds it icky:

“Even if Planned Parenthood complied with the law, it’s clear we need to learn more about their barbaric tactics so we can amend those laws and ensure these practices never happen again.”

For Republicans, the fact that people they disagree with are doing things legally means the law must be changed, not their opinions.

It’s hard to imagine a time when a political party has been so willfully dysfunctional. The Republican Congress of the last decade has been profoundly uninterested in what might be generously called “governing.” Instead, they impulsively chase every passing ball into the street, oblivious to danger. Unsurprisingly, it’s coming back to haunt them. Even Republican voters seem disturbed with how little the GOP manages to get done in Washington. For reasons that may seem obvious but somehow confound Republicans, taxpayers aren’t thrilled when they hear stories like this one from a former Benghazi committee staffer-turned-whistleblower:

He said half the staff was “surfing the Web all day long” and said “there was plenty of drinking during the work day.”

And while he was reprimanded for sharing an invitation to an event with his colleagues via work email, he said a group of staffers had set up a “gun buying club” for “chrome-plated, monogrammed Tiffany-style Glock nine millimeters” and that staffers would spend “hours at a time” designing the guns.

This from the party that sanctimoniously suggests the Benghazi investigation is about getting justice for four dead Americans. Something tells me the victims’ families aren’t comforted by thousands of dollars being wasted so Republican staffers could booze up and Facebook stalk their friends.

It’s the sort of unapologetic decadent government waste that would be right at home in plutocratic Soviet Russia. An entire political party of do-nothings who abuse their position of power to settle personal scores and accomplish little else. These committees – meant solely to score cheap political points; smear organizations Republicans disagree with; and, apparently, shop for “Tiffany-style Glocks” – amount to a systemic defrauding of the American taxpayer.

fifth Planned Parenthood investigation? Come on.

Featured image via Raw Story