‘Bunny Ranch’ Brothel Owner Steps Up To Help His Employees With Student Loan Debt

Every year, the University of Nevada Reno sends their sociology students on a field trip to the world-famous Bunny Ranch, one of the few establishments in America to offer safe, legal prostitution. The objective of the trip is for students to see how sex clients interact with providers in a real life situation.

For owner Dennis Hof, that class is a whole lot more than an audit of the daily routines of his brothel; it’s a recruiting tool. Hof said in a PR Newswire statement:

“When I see the girl working as one of our legal prostitutes and I ask her where I know her from, she always says ‘the sociology department’s field trip!’”

Hof is more than just some pimp in the Nevada desert looking to exploit women. Those who work at his house enjoy a lavish lifestyle, and now they have one of the best employer perks ever offered. According to Hof’s statement:

“I had a University of Michigan cheerleader named Krissy Summers come to The Bunny Ranch a few years ago after she was $40,000 in debt with student loans. She paid them all off in two months. She even ended up liking the business and staying long enough to fund her graduate studies.”

That inspired Hof, whose employees reportedly average $3000 per week in income, to offer an incredible student loan matching plan. Hof will match the amount of a woman’s student loan payments, up to her earnings, for two months to help her pay for her student loans from a two or four-year college. Considering the average earnings are $12K plus per month, Hof’s offer is incredibly generous. A woman could conceivably dedicate a massive portion of money to nothing but her loans for two months and have them eliminated, or close to it.

While many may see what Hof does as exploitation of women in tough situations, what he offers is nothing like the stereotype of prostitution from TV and movies. These women aren’t run away teenagers, drug addicts working for a fix or criminals on the run. They’re able-bodied and consenting young women — able to overcome the social stigma of sex — working in a pleasant and safe environment. Bunny Ranchers are given thorough health screenings, drug tests and complete background and even credit checks.

There are a lot of employers out there who could take some lessons from David Hoff.

Featured image via student.nvcc.edu