Cowboys Fans Told Gunman To Shoot Victim In The Head, So He Did Exactly That (VIDEO)

It’s rare that the state of Texas goes a day without being a national embarrassment, and Sunday just wasn’t one of those days. After the Dallas Cowboys suffered an embarrassing 30-6 loss against the New England Patriots, one of the NRA’s “responsible gun owners” got into a fistfight with another man while tailgaiting after the almost assuredly depressing game. In a manner that is typical of ammosexuals, the highly-aggressive gun owner brought his penile extension to a fistfight.

According to witnesses, the two men got into an argument that turned into a fistfight. Eventually, the gunman drew his weapon and held it to the head of his victim. Rather than tackle the armed man, the crowd did the unthinkable: Bystanders urged the crazed NRA posterchild for gun safety to shoot his helpless and unarmed victim.

And he did.

“Per eye witness, suspect was egged on by a crowd of people to kill the victim,” Star-Tribune writer Clarence Hill wrote on Twitter Sunday.


The publication posted a video of a witness explaining that happened. The witness explained that he didn’t think the gunman was going to pull the trigger, but tells of the mob mentality that took over once the gun came into play:

Fortunately, the victim lived through the attack. He was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Fort Worth for treatment, though his condition was quite serious. The shooter attempted to flee the scene, but fell and was eventually aprehended by police. As he fled, the man apparently fell over a retaining wall and sustained minor injuries. He was taken to the hospital for treatment, but will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The two men had been tailgating at the game since early in the afternoon, and police say that alcohol may have been a factor in the shooting.

Numerous reputable studies have concluded that the presence of guns — not just ownership or possession — increases aggression in those around them. This “weapons effect” has been a well-known psychological concept since at least the 1960’s when a study by Leonard Berkowitz and Anthony LePaige noted the  “aggression-eliciting stimuli” presented by guns. In the study, volunteers were given electrical shocks by research assistants and then given the chance to “return fire.” During the experiments, a table was present that was stacked with guns, badminton equipment, or nothing. Researchers found that those who were in the presence of guns increased the number of return-shocks the subjects gave to the research assistants because the mere presence of weapons made them more willing to hurt others.

But it’s not just a single study that demonstrates the aggression-inducing nature of guns. A 2006 Harvard study found that the presence of guns in a motor vehicle increases the likelihood that a person will aggressively tailgate, yell and curse, or make obscene gestures at other drivers.

But why does the mere presence of firearms increase aggression in those around the weapons? A 1998 study by Craig Anderson, Arlin Benjamin, and Bruce Bartholow found that guns create a “priming effect” that makes people respond to aggressive stimuli at a higher rate than peaceful stimuli. Volunteers were exposed to images of either guns or foliage and then asked to read out a mixture of peaceful and aggressive words. Those who were exposed to guns responded to the aggressive words at a faster rate than peaceful ones, demonstrating that they were “primed” toward aggression.

This, of course, would explain why a crowd of people would choose to respond to a gunman holding his weapon to someone’s head with an almost fetisistic desire to see the situation reach its obvious conclusion: a bloodbath.

To conservatives, however, the problem was not guns. It was the presence of black people. Upon reading a report from right-wing repository of stupidity, The Blaze, our frenemies on the Right immediately diagnosed the REAL issue:

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It is important to note that at the time of the report, the race of the shooter and victim had not been released. In fact, at the time of writing, they still have not been released.

Watch a report on the shooting, below:


Featured Image via NY Daily News