Law & Order: SVU Is Bringing The Gavel Down On The Duggars And Their Sick Hypocritical Lifestyle

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is finally taking on the Duggar family.

An upcoming season 17 episode titled “Patrimonial Burden” will be centered around a fundamentalist couple played by actors Christopher Sieber and Geneva Carr, whose characters will be based on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

The fictional couple will only have about half the number of children and will be portrayed as having a reality show, however, skeletons in the family closet will be revealed throughout the hour long program that will air on November 4th on NBC.

And since the Special Victims Unit deals primarily with sex crimes, it’s very likely that child molestation will be one of the skeletons.

As we all know, eldest son Josh Duggar molested four of his sisters as a teenager and his parents covered up his crime to shield him from prosecution, instead sending him to Christian facility to read the Bible in an effort to rehabilitate him.

But the episode could also touch upon Josh’s most recent scandal as well. Just when it seemed like people were forgetting about his crimes as a pedophile, it was discovered through a massive hack that Josh also had an Ashley Madison account to seek affairs with women who are not his wife.

In addition, the episode could also feature the Christian homeschooling curriculum the Duggars use, and the fact that the Quiverfull movement they belong to requires that women sexually submit to their husbands no matter what and says that women and girls are at fault for how men behave while also calling sex abuse a “gift.”

It’s an episode that should really anger a lot of people as it will surely shine a bright light on the Duggar lifestyle that has been controversial for so long. It certainly angers SVU star Peter Scanavino, who plays Detective Carisi on the long-running drama. According to E!, Scanavino is “infuriated” with the Duggars.

“With the Duggar one, it was like the double-whammy because it was his sisters and the fact—I mean, honestly, I feel like we’re dealing with some topics this season that feel a bit meatier than some lunatic fringe family…I wouldn’t mind doing one just because I have never been so infuriated with someone’s level of hypocrisy, and lying, and then displacement of responsibility onto something else. When I think about that guy, it boils my blood, I will say.”

Of course, we should all be ready for the temper tantrum that the Duggars will throw after the episode airs. It’s just too bad that Christopher Meloni can’t return as Detective Stabler one last time to give the Duggars the smack down they deserve.

Featured Image: Wikipedia and Twitter