Meet The Awesome Cop Who Is Showing The World What Policing Is Really About (IMAGE)

So often, we hear stories of cops harassing, abusing, and even killing the people who reside in the communities they are supposedly sworn to protect and serve. Even worse, they usually get away with the abuses and murders they commit, especially in communities filled with poor people of color, where such incidents so often take place. As a result of these instances, polls are showing that an increasing number of Americans don’t trust– or even straight up hate– any and all members of law enforcement, as well as those who support them. These opinions and grievances are far from unfounded, for the very reasons I just mentioned.

Well, sometimes we have to remember that not all cops are terrible people, or thugs and bullies with badges. That’s very hard to do in the current climate– I, myself, as a gay woman of color make a conscious effort to stay as far away as possible from cops and their supporters and apologists, lest I wind up in jail, or worse, dead as the result of a “routine interaction” with police.

Despite all of those pent-up feelings relating to police injustice, I do know that not all cops are my enemy. Here’s one great police officer who is really  making a difference in an inner city community that he serves. Meet Officer Tommy Norman of North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Instead of viewing the poor children of color who live there as future thugs, gangbangers, and criminals, he views them as his friends. After each patrol shift, he goes to the neighborhood and hangs out with the kids, bringing them snacks and drinks, and just enjoying their company and learning about their lives. Here is a photo of this hero doing what he does best, courtesy of Single Dad Laughing’s Facebook Photos:

officer normal single dad laughing

Officer Norman not only hangs out with and feeds these kids, but he also buys them coats when it is cold in the winter, and slip n slides and water guns to  help beat the summer heat. He clearly cares and wants to make a difference. This is how police officers should treat the communities they serve.

This is what policing should be about. In comparison, the cops in Cleveland, Ohio, who rolled up and shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice would murder the very children that Officer Norman loves so much and does so much for. And they are just one example of how many law enforcement officers behave.

That’s a damn shame, but, luckily, the Tommy Normans of the world can give me back a bit of my faith in humanity– and policing.


Featured image via Tommy Norman Instagram