Egomaniac Ben Carson Says He’s The Only Candidate Who Can Prevent The ‘End Times’

Dr. Ben Carson has always muttered crazy things. Normally, and in the age of Trump, this would’ve propelled him to frontrunner status months ago. So, why is he only recently seeing a spike in his polling? The answer is obvious: as of a week or two ago, Carson simply started muttered more crazy things, more often.

Honestly, I still can’t figure out what the hell he was trying to prove with the Popeye’s tall-tale. Add that to a nearly daily routine of saying things that would otherwise land him in a mental hospital to be tormented by Nurse Wratched, and Carson has risen to within breathing distance of Trump. Carson’s advisers even acknowledged that blurting crazy shit is working for him. The New York Times, in an article titled “Ben Carson Finds Momentum in Provocative Remarks,” reported:

But ever since Mr. Carson said on Sept. 20 that he did not think a Muslim should be president, then refused to retract the statement amid a furious reaction, his campaign has watched grass-roots support grow and donations pour in — and advisers have backtracked, deciding, in the words of one, to “let Carson be Carson.”

As predicted, the childish Trump tactic is spreading through the discourse like the goddamned Ebola virus. Hence, his latest remarks, which are better suited for a cult leader or wacky televangelist.

Yes, Ben Carson warned of the coming End Times.

Ben Carson on Sunday said the world may be getting closer to the end of days.

The GOP presidential candidate offered the comments to Sharyl Attkisson during an interview on SBG’s “Frontline.”

“You could guess that we are getting closer to that,” he said when asked about the end of days.

“You do have people that have a belief system that sees this apocalyptic phenomenon occurring and that they’re a part of it,” Carson said. “[They] would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if they could gain possession of them.”

The retired neurosurgeon then argued that if the world were truly approaching its destruction, he would do his best to reverse that course as president.

“I think we have a chance to certainly ameliorate the situation,” he said. “I would always be shooting for peace.

“I wouldn’t just take a fatalistic view of things,” Carson added.

To be fair, at least he said he’d try to stop the, you know, Armageddon. That’s something. But think about it: Ben Carson believes he can stop the End Times. He can prevent the end of the world and the second coming of Christ. He said this. Ben Carson thinks he’s more powerful than God.

The very fact that he seriously believes it’s just around the corner should be a gigantic red flag to anyone with a brain in their head — and that includes deeply religious people who happen to understand that the book of Revelations was metaphor and coded language penned by proto-Christians in hiding from persecution.

By the way, it’s worth noting that quite a few Republicans also happen to be Christian Dominionists who believe the End Times will begin in the Middle East, specifically Israel. The last thing we need is a president who dabbles in such horseshit.

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