Watch Out NRA: Gun Store Loses Lawsuit For Selling To Cop Shooter (VIDEO)

The Badger Guns store in Wisconsin just lost a lawsuit brought against it by two police officers who were seriously injured by a gun purchased there, along with the city of Milwaukee. The store was found to be negligent in the sale of the gun.

The store was accused of encouraging an illegal straw purchase of the gun used in the crime. A straw purchase is when a gun is purchased in someone else’s name for another person who legally cannot own a gun.

Eighteen-year-old Julius Burton paid a 21-year-old friend $40 to come with him and buy a gun at the store. Surveillance video from 2009 showed Burton pointing to the Taurus semiautomatic he wanted and said, “That’s the one that I want.”

A month later, Burton shot two police officers with the same gun. One officer lost an eye and had brain damage, while the other was wounded in his face.

The lawsuit alleged that the gun store clerk knew the purchase was illegal, but allowed the sale to proceed in order to make money.

The case is significant because there haven’t been many lawsuits against gun stores for these sorts of purchases.

Lawsuits against gun sellers and makers were sharply restricted 10 years ago, when Congress passed a law giving the industry wide immunity from blame for the misuse of its products.

“If the jury in Milwaukee rules for the victims, it would be a notable and unusual victory,” said Timothy D. Lytton, an expert in tort law and gun cases at the Georgia State University College of Law. “It may well embolden more plaintiffs to bring lawsuits,” he said, “and give new momentum to a litigation campaign that looked all but dead after 2005.”

The law that helps gun stores with this is called the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, and was championed by the NRA, who thanked President George W. Bush for signing it into law in 2005.

Featured image via YouTube