Latinos Get Spat On, Fights Break Out As Trump Rally Descends Into Chaos (VIDEO)

Republican presidential front runner, Donald Trump’s rallies are descending into chaos as fights break out and Latinos get spat on.

At Trump’s rally held on Wednesday night at┬áRichmond International Raceway in Virginia, the combative candidate seems to have inspired his supporters to come to actual blows.

First, when a group of immigration activists emerged to protest Trump’s incendiary rhetoric that described Mexicans as criminals and “rapists,” one Trump supporter decided to spit on them, as the protestor told the crowd he was from Virginia and paid taxes:

In another instance, Trump supporters and immigration protesters came to blows. In the video, Trump can be heard in the background droning on as his supporters manhandle activists.

The Republican National Committee has continued to be silent as Trump has promoted anti-immigrant rhetoric. In fact, other Republican candidates have joined Trump in what appears to be an ongoing plot to ratchet up the rhetoric. Jeb Bush referred to “anchor babies” who are supposedly infiltrating the country, while Dr. Ben Carson made waves with his expressed belief that a Muslim should never become the president, and that victims of the Holocaust should have done more to save their own lives.

Other reporting has indicated that Trump’s message has already inspired at least one physical attack on a Latino in Massachusetts, where assailants cited the reality TV star as their inspiration. At the same time, white supremacists have praised Trump for mainstreaming their hate message, in which they assert that whites are under attack while blaming blacks and Latinos for economic problems amongst lower class whites.

By contrast, Democratic presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley have pushed back on Trump’s anti-Latino message, while President Obama and Vice President Biden have also derided how Trump’s language has denigrated and mistreated Latinos who contribute to American society.

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