KKK Member Harassed A Woman On Twitter, So Anonymous Killed Their Web Sites (SCREENSHOTS)

Oops, it seems the Ku Klux Klan’s website went down again thanks to Anonymous — and this time it wasn’t over a large social issue like Ferguson. It was simply a defense of a woman who regularly finds herself attacked by the KKK’s acolytes. Conover Kennard, also known as Anomaly of FreakOutNation, is a woman with an interesting history. A rock legend’s widow-turned liberal blogger, Kennard is no stranger to controversy — but she has made a number of powerful friends over the years, including members of the hacktivist group Anonymous.

When he noticed a gentleman who goes by “Thomas Klan” on Twitter harassing Kennard, “Amped Attacks” couldn’t allow the situation to stand without some sort of answer. Kennard told Addicting Info that her friend took down “a few of their sites,” because one of the intellectually-devoid, meth-driven “not-racists” of the Klan was harassing her.

“He’s not a partisan guy and usually aims at ISIS sites – but we’re friends,” she explained. “So, he saw the Klansman that usually trolls me.” After a little bit — oops! Klan sites started dropping faster than Mike Huckabee’s campaign donations after he went full-on insane.


After the main Ku Klux Klan website experienced, shall we say, unexpected technical difficulties, “the KKK guy said which site he goes to. Well, that was like inviting Amped to take it down really so he did,” Kennard, who regularly irritates the hate group by highlighting the horrible things they do and say, told us. That site was home to the Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK, which threatened the lives of members of the hacktivist group during the protests that erupted after Michael Brown’s murder last year.


…And boom.



Once again: Oops!

Last year, Anonymous took down numerous Klan websites after the racist hate group declared cyberwar on the hackers, “unmasked” members of the group, and even stole the Klan’s Twitter account — so this was simply a new shot fired in an ongoing, intermittent war between the two factions.  Kennard says that this particular racist bothers her on a regular basis, spamming her with “Heil Hitlers,” and even going so far as to create numerous fake accounts posing as her — like this one:


The web sites have come back up after lengthy downtimes, but the message is sent. The moral of the story here is that if you’re going to be a racist and a dick, pick your battles carefully. You never know who is friends with whom. Of course, given Anomaly’s well-known (on Twitter) friendship with the hacktivists, Mr. “Klan Thomas” really should have expected them.

Featured image via screen capture