Racist Sues College Over Spanish-Speaking Students, Judge Orders Her To Pay $111K (VIDEO)

Racism is rampant in America, and anti-immigrant racism is especially prevalent as right-wingers gin up fears about Latinos taking our jobs and our benefits and all kinds of other nonsense. Well, one Arizona racist (quite possibly influenced by the infamously racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio), has finally gone too far.

Terri Bennett was a nursing student at Pima Community College, and she really hated the fact that some students in her classes spoke to one another in Spanish. Bennett complained to the college, and they rightfully refused to indulge her obvious bigotry. Instead of letting the situation go, Bennet decided to sue the college, claiming that the Spanish-speaking students were violating her rights as an English speaker.

Not only did Bennett sue, but she had previously been suspended because of nasty and repeated harassment of the Spanish-speaking students she took such issue with. Trial evidence revealed that she had viciously called the Spanish-speakers “spics, beaners and illegals” and said they were speaking “gibberish.”

Well, the harassment has cost Bennett her spot in the nursing program, and the lawsuit is going to cost her $111,000, because the Pima County judge who tried the case of course found Bennett’s actions to be ridiculous, and ordered her to pay part of the college’s expenses that were incurred in defense against this her ridiculous and bigoted lawsuit. The college is seeking the full cost of its expenses– to the tune of $311,000. I doubt a crazy bigot like Bennett has that kind of money, or even the $111,000 she has been ordered to pay.

Superior Court Judge Richard Fields, who handed down the ruling against Bennett, said that the college was certainly “justified” in demanding that Bennett pay their costs in full, but he still, for inexplicable reasons, only ordered her to pay part of them. Georgia Staton, who is Pima Community College’s lawyer, said of the insane case:

“You can’t go around as a college telling people they can’t speak their own language.”

She’s absolutely right. It’s racism plain and simple, and the laws of this land forbid it.

Even though this idiot wasn’t forced to pay the full amount, she was ordered to pay quite a bit, so this is a good ruling. It should send the message that bigotry will not be tolerated on the Pima Community College campus, and that if one decides to carry on with it, it’s going to cost them.

Shame on Terri Bennett. She certainly got what she deserved. While I am sure right-wing bigots will be lining up to set up a GoFundMe to cover the costs incurred here, at least she’s the pariah. At least, for once, bigotry doesn’t pay.

Watch a video of Bennett’s equally bigoted lawyers talking below:

Featured image via Fellowship of the Minds