This Republican’s Reaction Is PRICELESS When He Gets Treated Exactly How He Treats Hillary

Trey Gowdy is not having a good week. For the past 18 months, he has been in charge of leading the Republican attacks against Hillary Clinton courtesy of the Benghazi Select Committee, and so far he’s come up with basically nothing. Zilch. Nada.

That’s bad news (for him anyways), since Hillary is set to testify before the committee on Thursday. Instead of the focus being on her, it’s on him now.

In a bit of karma, Congressman Gowdy doesn’t like how he is being treated – plain and simple. In an exclusive interview with POLITICO, you can hear the former federal prosecutor almost tear up as he complains about being treated exactly the same way he’s treated Mrs. Clinton this whole time:

“I would say in some ways these have been among the worst weeks of my life. Attacks on your character, attacks on your motives, are 1,000-times worse than anything you can do to anybody physically — at least it is for me.”

It’s really amusing if you think about it. His words closely parallel the criticism being levied from the left, that this is just a partisan attack on Mrs. Clinton timed right before the presidential elections. He used this same reasoning to complain about attacks on him. Who would have thought?

“It’s not lost on me that the uptick in criticism is [happening] the two weeks before she’s coming. I don’t think that that is a coincidence; it’s an attempt to marginalize and impugn the credibility of the panel that’s going to be asking her questions.”

The only difference is, the accusations levied against Mr. Gowdy and the Benghazi Select Committee have merit. The 18-month long debacle known as the Benghazi witch-hunt, have taken longer even than Watergate, and still nothing to show for it. Except for Mr. Gowdy’s hypocrisy, that is.

Just last week Gowdy tried to call out Clinton for having a classified source in her email, yet the CIA fired back that the information wasn’t classified at all. To make matters worse, Gowdy’s team leaked the name of the informant at the same time they were trying to hold Clinton accountable for it. They later redacted the name in the subject line of the email, and then attempted to blame the State Department for the error, even though they are the ones who did it.

If Gowdy can’t hold himself accountable for his own actions, how can he go after Clinton? It’s the ultimate hypocrisy. Now that he’s under the same limelight, he’s not liking it very much. Too bad, Congressman. You’ve created your own grave on this one.

Featured image via screen capture.