Thanks, Republicans: Norway Thinks Texas Is So Nuts That It Became Their Slang Word For ‘Crazy’

Texas is viewed as so insane by Norwegians that they now use the state as a slang word when they want to express how crazy something is. Thanks, Republicans.

In the late 1970s, Republicans began their effort to create a stranglehold on the Texas state government that has culminated in the ridiculously ignorant and nutty state we know today.

Just over the last year alone, Texas has demonstrated a remarkably high rate of incidents that make it clear how crazy the state has become.

Texas textbooks refer to slaves as simply migrant workers who came to America seeking manual labor. Texas is beginning to deny birth certificates to immigrant children. Texans, even Governor Greg Abbott, believed President Obama was invading Texas during a military exercise known as Operation Jade Helm. Texas officials are also making the state inhospitable to women by attacking women’s health, are anti-gay, and are enacting voter suppression laws.

The crazy isn’t just relegated to the state government, however. Texas schools have also provided plenty of examples of how crazy the state is.

One Texas school forced a five-year-old girl to cover her shoulders citing immorality. Another suspended a nine-year-old boy for committing terrorism because he wore an imaginary Hobbit ring in class.

Texas is also the state where gun nuts thrive and where judges and government officials force the bible upon the people.

So, it’s little wonder that other countries would see Texas as crazy. And in Norway, Texas is viewed as so crazy that it has become a slang word meaning exactly that– crazy.

According to Texas Monthly, Norwegians have been using the word “Texas” as a slang word meaning “crazy” as far back as the 1970s, but it’s especially common today.

Usually, when the word “texas”—as an adjective, most often without capitalization—appears in Norwegian, the context involves the phrase, “det var helt texas,” which translates to, roughly, “it was totally/absolutely/completely bonkers.” You wouldn’t call a person “totally texas”—it usually describes a chaotic atmosphere.

Texas Monthly continues:

The expression dates back several decades, and speaks to how the mythos of Texas has been interpreted in one Scandinavian country: “Texas” = “cowboys” = “Wild West” = “an unpredictable, exciting, sometimes scary atmosphere…

And that would certainly apply to the scary crazy atmosphere in the state right now as lawmakers deny climate change, give credence to every conspiracy theory, and fire guns into the air while screaming for secession. However, perhaps it’s time for Norway to update the definition of their slang word. It should now mean “batshit crazy” instead of just plain “crazy.” Because as Republicans continue to remain in charge, you can bet the state will continue taking crazy to a whole new level.

Featured Image: Reddit