BENGHAZI Head Witch-Hunter Trey Gowdy Nabbed Using A Private Email Server

It’s difficult to be happy about something that in all reality just adds to the sheer ridiculousness of the BENGHAZI! witch-hunt; something that shows an hypocrisy unlike any seen in a Republican since…yesterday. Yet it can’t help but be just a little bit satisfying to know that members of the BENGHAZI! Attack Force Derpa™, including Chairman Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy, are in fact hypocrites of epic proportions.

In a stunning revelation from Alternet, Trey Gowdy runs his own domain name from his own server. When questioned, Gowdy said nothing:

“Gowdy maintains his own domain For example, one campaign contact email he used was [email protected]. While it’s not unusual to maintain such a thing particularly for campaign work, it’s not clear that Gowdy utilizes this email solely for political campaign work and not congressional tasks.

“AlterNet asked Gowdy’s office through both a telephone inquiry followed up by an email communication to his press secretary about how he segregates work he conducts through his personal domain vs congressional work. We also inquired about where his personal email server is stored and how it is secured.

“We also attempted to contact Gowdy campaign manager George Ramsey, but he did not return our phone calls. In 48 hours, the deadline we set, we received no response.”

That’s fairly…surprising. The question that’s beginning to circulate — right after “Hey, what’s on that thing?” — Is are you really this dumb? Pretty sure making certain there’s absolutely no more business being done by email that isn’t a government account is trending right now and everything.

Alternet wasn’t the only ones beating down the door of Gowdymailgate. David Brock of Correct the Record wrote this open letter:

Dear Chairman Gowdy:

I noted with interest your public demand that Secretary Clinton turn over her personal email server, presumably so that the committee can access some 30,000 Clinton emails deemed to be strictly private and beyond the reach of the government.

This Orwellian demand has no basis in law or precedent. Every government employee decides for themselves what email is work-related and what is strictly private. There is no reason to   hold Secretary Clinton to a different standard— except partisan politics.

But since you insist that Clinton’s private email be accessed, I’m writing today to ask you and your staff to abide by the same standard you seek to hold the Secretary to by releasing your own work-related and private email and that of your staff to the public.

While I realize that Congress regularly exempts itself from laws that apply to the executive branch, I believe this action is necessary to ensure public confidence in the fairness and  impartiality of your investigation.

Thank you for your consideration.


 David Brock
 Correct The Record

Well isn’t that a fine how do you do. It seems Gowdy will have some explaining of his own to do. He’s not alone, either. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) uses a Gmail Address that looks surprisingly official:

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Seriously. If you’re going to be on a committee that’s entire purpose for eleven hours of questioning is the content of a private email, you might not want to have such an easily accessible bit of hypocrisy hidden on the internet where everyone can and did find it.

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